Battlefield Live Torbay

Battlefield Live Torbay

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Things to do at Battlefield Live Torbay review

Battlefield Live Torbay is located near Brixham in Devon. They offer outdoor combat games on a purpose-built 3-acre battlefield with sophisticated infrared guns with a realistic red dot scope and sensor recognition.

The weapons fire a harmless infrared beam and everyone has three sensors. The guns tell you if you hit someone or if you have been hit yourself. You pay to play and it’s free, to shoot as often as you like. If you lose all of your lives your gun will stop working. But if you want to keep playing you just need to press a button to play on.

Teams play out various scenarios during a session. These include zombies, black box, invasion and VIP escort. They are altered to suit every level and age of the player. Children can play from the age of 8, or so long as they are capable of carrying around their 2-3 kilo guns.

FAQ and Further Information Battlefield Live Torbay

What are the main things to do?

Outdoor combat games on a purpose-built 3-acre battlefield with a sophisticated infrared gun.

What are the ticket prices?

*Mid-rangeu003cbru003e*Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online. *Mid-range. Children from £12-17, adults from £17-21.

Is there parking?

There is free, parking.

When are they open?

Battlefield Live is open on selected days throughout most of the year. For up-to-date opening times and dates please visit their website.

Are they accessible?

Please contact the venue.u003cbru003e

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