Formby Beach

Formby Beach

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Things to do at Formby Beach Review

Formby is a very rugged, natural beach (as you’d expect for a National Trust property) accessed across the top of sand dunes from the Victoria Road car park – this isn’t an easy walk so if you’ve got a pushchair or mobility issues, be prepared. Also, make sure you save a little bit of energy for climbing back up the dunes at the end of the day! There is also access from Lifeboat Road which is easier.

Facilities at Formby are quite limited – on the beach itself, there is nothing. You’ll usually find an ice cream van in the car park and the National Trust provides toilets at the Victoria Road entrance, these are not easily accessible once you are down on the beach because of the sand dunes / long walk back up the drive. There are also temporary portaloos at the Lifeboat Road during the summer.

Parking at Formby can be a bit of a nightmare at peak times and there will often be a queue in off the road. If you do find you get to Formby and can’t get parked, it’s worth looking at nearby Ainsdale (PR8 2QB ) which is just over ten minutes away or Southport (PR9 1RX) which is just over 15 minutes away

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FAQ and Further Information Formby Beach

Is there food and drink available?

There are no facilities for food and drinks. Occasionally there is an ice cream van.

What are the main things to do?

Formby is a very rugged, natural beach owned by the National Trust property and accessed across the top of sand dunes.

Is there parking?

There is limited parking nearby and charges apply.

Dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome.Historical,ly Palm Oil has been a known issue at Formby and it’s worth checking before you visit.

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