Skuna Hot Tub and BBQ Boats

Skuna Hot Tub and BBQ Boats

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Things to do at Skuna Hot Tub and BBQ Boats review

Skuna Hot Tub and BBQ Boats London offer what is quite possibly the UK’s most unique boating experience. For all ages, there is the BBQ Boat Launch and for those aged 12+, there is the Guided Hot Tub Boat.

You can enjoy a luxurious hot tub experience combined with sailing your own boat. Best of all no experience is necessary. Their Skuna Hot Tub Boat is a bespoke, electric, easy-to-self-drive wood-fired hot tub. They change the fresh water in their boats after every trip to ensure the highest hygiene standards. Hot tubs are heated to around 38oC and this will be reduced to suit if it is a hot day.

A hot tub experience lasts for 75 minutes and they run in all weather conditions. Each boat can seat up to 7 people. There are changing facilities and lockers on-site. Children age 12+ must be accompanied by an adult. You may have two drinks per person apart from the captain on the boat. These must be purchased from their on-site bar on the day itself, you are not allowed to bring your own.

Their self-drive electric BBQ Boat is fully equipped and ready to set sail. Relax and enjoy the sights of West India Quay in Canary Wharf or at Lakeside Essex. The experience lasts for 2 hours with 100 minutes on the water. All ages are welcome on board. You can bring your own food to cook or choose from one of their food packages. In case of bad weather, you will be contacted and allowed to reschedule for free.

FAQ & Important Information Skuna Hot Tub and BBQ Boats

Is there food and drink available?

There is the option to purchase food for the BBQ Boat and drinks for the Hot Tub Boat.

What are the main things to do?

BBQ Boat hire for all ages where you can relax and enjoy a BBQ cooked by yourselves. Or you can hire a hot tub boat for adults and children from the age of 12.

What are the ticket prices?

*Expensiveu003cbru003e*Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online. *Expensive. Hot tub boat £39 pp. BBQ Boat £150-250 a boat.

Is there parking?

The nearest street parking is poplar high street.

When are they open?

Skuna is open for boat hire for most of the year. For up-to-date opening times and dates visit their website

Dog friendly?

Dogs are not permitted.

Are they accessible?

Please contact the venue

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