5 Great Weekend Breaks by Ferry From the UK

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Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Suzy

Weekend breaks are becoming increasingly popular. Hopping on a ferry and visiting somewhere new for the weekend is a great way to escape everything and the busy week you may have just experienced. I have lost count of the number of times that I have taken the ferry somewhere.

They are so convenient and feel like part of the holiday itself. For us, our holiday begins the moment that we step or drive onto the ferry. You can either enjoy taking your own car over or why not consider travelling as a foot passenger? It’s not only cheaper but often everything you may want or need the other end is just a short walk or taxi drive away.

So where should you consider for a weekend break by ferry? Here’s a list of 5 great destinations to keep you busy for a while.

#1 – Guernsey

Why not take a mini break to Guernsey? Guernsey is one of the channel islands which are located in the English Channel, close to the French coast. It has some stunning beach resorts such as Cobo Bay plus ragged cliffs with spectacular scenery.

Some of these cliffs are 300ft high. Guernsey is a perfect destination for a fun-filled weekend enjoying outdoor sports on land or on the water. There are also some great museums which will interest young and old.

Guernsey - Fermain Bay
Guernsey – Fermain Bay

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#2 – Isle of Wight

I have many fond memories of our holiday to the Isle of Wight when I was about 8 years old. It’s only about 2 miles away from the coastline of Hampshire and is separated from mainland UK by the Solent. It has a warm climate and a beautiful coastline.

The most famous part of the coastline is The Needles with its chalky white cliffs and pointy rock formations coming out of the sea. It’s also a great place for finding and collecting dinosaur fossils. The island has the UK’s oldest theme park Black Gang Chine and there are also zoos and other tourist attractions.

5 Great Weekend Breaks by Ferry From the UK
Isle of Wight, Chalky white cliffs

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#3 – France

Ah, France. It was my home for 14 years and a country I travelled often to the UK from via a number of different ferry ports. There are quite a few ports in the UK and France so depending on where you live in the UK you could have a variety of areas available to explore.

One of our favourite things to do along the northern coastline of France was to visit the D-Day beaches such as Omaha, Utah and Juno. Bayeux is one of our favourite towns in the area. If you are visiting the western coastline of France I can recommend a day trip to Le Mont Saint-Michel.

5 Great Weekend Breaks by Ferry From the UK
France – Omaha Beach

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#4 – Isle of Man

We used to live in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, and on a clear day, we could see the Isle of Man from our house. It is well known for its rugged coastline, medieval castles, rural landscape and Victoria railways. The scenery is so stunning that it has been used in many films with over 90 productions having been made there.

Isle of Man - Old man of Storr
Isle of Man – Old man of Storr

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#5 – Ireland (and Northern Ireland)

Ireland is accessible via ports on the west coast of the UK. With 7 ferry ports in the UK and 6 ferry ports in Ireland. Each port will take you to another beautiful part of the country in both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Ireland offers some of the most stunning scenery and boasts the longest-defined coastal touring route in the world. There are plenty of places to see animals including whale watching plus many other activities to keep you busy on a weekend break there.

Ireland - Kilarney National Park
Ireland – Killarney National Park

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Condor Ferries. All words are my own. All photos are courtesy of Pixabay.

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