8 Destinations for a Health and Fitness Holiday

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Last Updated on November 22, 2018 by Suzy

Have you ever considered a health and fitness holiday? They are becoming increasingly popular and there are so many fabulous ways to either relax or to take your fitness to the next level. Luxury is key and a perfect start to help your well-being. How people want to exercise or relax is a personal choice and there are many options out there. Many of them can be tailor-made to suit your needs and ailments. So sit back relax and let me tell you all about 8 great destinations for a health retreat. You can venture as near or as far as you desire.


Bali has a rich and diverse landscape with lush rainforests, a beautiful coastline and stunning lakes. The beauty of Bali is a perfect backdrop for relaxing and improving your health. In Bali, you can experience advanced holistic therapies, invigorating massages and treatments in hydrotherapy pools. There are plenty of places in Bali that offer Yoga and meditation which will help with your general well-being. The food on offer is also pretty spectacular with an emphasis on healthy steamed dishes and coconut milk being used as a sauce base.

Why not choose a Detox program to help cleanse your body of toxins from food and the environment? This can take the form of a change in diet, exercise regime and daily elimination to improve lymphatic circulation.

8 Destinations for a Health and Fitness Holiday


Florida will impress anyone looking for miles upon miles of sandy beaches, 1,100 miles to be precise. What a place to be for a wellness break than the Sunshine State. Florida has a strong focus on outdoor activities such as tennis, golf and Tai Chi.

Therapies can include detoxifying skin therapies, spa facials and finding your balance with Yoga sessions. Florida will provide you with relaxation and rejuvenation by the beach and plenty of Spa treatments at local luxury hotels. Many of the spa hotels include steam rooms, saunas and all the treatments you’d expect such as Swedish massage.

Why not experience as many things as possible at the Spa? You could enjoy a massage to either your whole body or your face. A massage will help to restore your skin and your vitality.


Greece is the provider of beauty. You will struggle to not look in wonder at your surroundings. The sea is turquoise and perfect for water sports such as diving, jet skiing and more. The beaches are award-winning and the attractions are historical and unique to Greece. It is a great destination to experience holistic treatments or Ayurveda healing techniques. The food in Greece is wonderfully tasty and healthy with a strong emphasis on olive oil and fresh produce. Greece is a perfect location if you are looking to lose weight.

Why not choose from a package that encourages weight loss through fitness and detoxing? They use a lot of seawater and marine products in their treatments as they believe that they promote a range of health benefits. There are many slimming spa treatments such as laser lipolysis and Hypoxi therapy which target problematic areas of your body to shape and smooth your skin.

8 Destinations for a Health and Fitness Holiday


India is culturally rich and vibrant with a stunning variety of landscapes. It is a perfect place to de-stress and rejuvenate. The Indians believe a lot in the healing of Yoga to help balance your mind, body and soul. India also focuses a lot on pampering with advanced holistic treatments and detoxifying with traditional Indian methods. The Himalayan mountains are perfect for trekking and of course, their cuisine is incredibly tasty and healthy with a big focus on vegetarian dishes.

Why not discover the ancient spiritual traditions of Yoga? Your Yoga schedule can be carefully structured to suit yourself which can include deep relaxation and candle meditation.


Jamaica is well known for its tasty local cuisine and pristine white beaches. It is a perfect destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. There are many exhilarating activities on and in the water with many kinds of water sports on offer, scuba diving and more. The islands are a perfect spot for a hiking tour or other land-based activities such as tennis or golf.

Why not try out a scuba diving package and dive out to see reefs? Or you could take a glass bottom boat tour if you’re not quite up to diving. You can enjoy a healthy holiday in Jamaica at your own pace either through exercise or de-stressing.


The Maldives are heaven on earth. It consists of small and tranquil unspoilt islands which are paradise in themselves. The water surrounding the Maldives has over 300 different types of tropical fish so it’s a perfect destination for diving or snorkelling. The Maldives is also a great destination for simply relaxing and experiencing indulgent spa treatments and yoga sessions. You could find yourself staying in a luxury over the water retreat which makes a perfect stay for divers or surfers.

Why not go on a surf retreat? The Maldives is becoming increasingly popular for surfing. Whether you are a beginner or a novice there is a program for everyone. If you want to take a break from surfing you can and there’s plenty on offer to relax your busy mind with Yoga and relaxation classes.


I have chosen a lot of these destinations because of their amazing fresh, healthy and tasty food. Thailand is a country which would be hard to beat on taste and healthy ingredients. It is a cuisine we are seeing more and more of in the UK and one I would certainly travel to taste authentic. Thai people are well known to be welcoming and friendly and a holiday here would soon have you at ease. Thailand is well known for its Thai massage, holistic treatments and yoga. Making it a great destination to help enhance your life.

Why not choose a sleep enhancement program? There are plenty of treatments to choose from in Thailand but a regular night’s sleep is something that eludes so many of us. Sleep is key to relaxing and rejuvenating our bodies, without enough sleep our bodies never quite have the opportunity to repair. A sleep enhancement program can help you to stay healthy, combat health imbalances and improve and regulate your sleep patterns. This is done through a combination of therapies and treatments.


Turkey boasts hot springs, mud baths and therapeutic waters making it a great destination for a healthy and rejuvenating holiday. In Turkey, you can find programs to improve your well-being with wellness screening and metabolic tests. You can then be guided through exercise, diet and other activities to a happier you. There are also hydrothermal facilities in Turkey with salt grottos, crystal steam rooms, foot therapy basins and many more. Turkey is also famous for Turkish Hammans.

Why not try a Hamman? A Hamman is similar to a Roman bath where people bath together in public. The process is like a Sauna where you would start in a hot dry room. You would then move to a hotter room where you wash in cold water. After this, you would be given a massage and then finish by relaxing in the cooling room.

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