8 Great Ideas For a Summer Activity Holiday Abroad

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Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by Suzy

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking and planning for the summer ahead. Why not consider a summer activity holiday abroad? Are you the kind of family that likes to get out and about and make life that little bit more epic? Then read on for ideas and inspiration.

Today I’m bringing you 10 of the best things to do on an activity holiday. Ocean Elements summer activity holidays have resorts throughout Greece. Greece is a perfect destination for trying out new sports, especially for families.

Yachting Holiday

Taking a yacht out to sea is a great way to explore. You can decide where to go or you can let a local expert choose for you. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of yachting as you can be involved as much or as little as you want to be.

One of the best destinations for a yachting holiday is the islands around Greece. There are so many beautiful islands to explore and they are all surrounded by stunning blue seas and golden beaches. There’s also not too much wind so it’s a great sailing destination for families.

Being so close to the water means that there will be plenty of opportunities to try different water sports or pop on a snorkel and go for a spontaneous dip in the water.

Walking and Hiking

Walking in Greece is a great family-friendly activity. It can take you to places you can’t explore by car and can provide you with some beautiful unspoilt views along the way. Why not take a coastal walk and stop off at beaches along the way? Then if the kids get bored there’s always something for them to look forward to. Another great way to explore is to go on an organised walk.

That way you can learn more about where you are walking including the local history and other interesting facts. One thing for certain though is to take a map with you as you will be in unfamiliar surroundings and you could easily get lost without one.


Kayaking is a great way to explore and find hidden coves for an ice cream and a drink or to simply stop and go diving in crystal clear waters. Kayaking is relatively easy for even young children to pick up or you could go out in one big enough to hold you and your little one. It’s a great activity for kids aged 4 and over.

No experience is necessary and you can take an accompanied trip so as not to get lost and to help you find the best places to stop and explore. Ocean kayaks are stable and easy to use. You could even take along your fishing gear and do a spot of fishing as you paddle.

8 Great Ideas For a Summer Activity Holiday Abroad

Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing can include instruction at any level. From beginner to advanced sailing. Once you’ve had a lesson or two you will be ready to go out alone and take your family along with you. If you are struggling with anything support boats accompany the dinghies and give you a hand if needs be.

The latest kit and teaching techniques will help make it fun to learn and very satisfying. Kids 14 and over can learn to sail themselves. Children younger than that can go out on fun taster sessions on dinghies and windsurfing rides.

Kids Clubs

Kids clubs for 4-17-year-olds can provide your children with new and exciting experiences. They can try out something new while you are learning to sail a dinghy or doing another full-on activity that they aren’t able to join in with. Children are given the opportunity to grow in confidence as they try out new skills.

They can try out paddleboarding, kayaking and sailing while in the hands of professionals. If they aren’t confident out on the water then there are plenty of other fun activities such as crafts, games and face painting. There are so many experiences for them to try out. Other activities can include raft building, football, swim games, scavenger hunts and bike rides.


Yoga is a perfect family-friendly activity to enjoy while abroad on holiday. If your little ones decide to join you on a yoga session then the program can be designed with them in mind. A great place to get fit and healthy is down on the beach, even on paddleboards or in the pool.

Stretch classes are also a great way to warm up before you commence the day’s activities. Yoga is a perfect way to prepare your mind and body for the busy day ahead. There can be plenty to try for all abilities.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a relatively new activity and it is becoming more popular by the day. It gives you the sensation of gliding on water and is great for anyone aged 4 and over. If you are new to paddle boarding there will be instructors on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of paddle boarding.

These sessions only last around 30 minutes as it’s an easy sport to learn. Buoyancy aids can be provided if needed and also safety leashes. Your guide will then take you out for cruises on the sea. It’s a really addictive sport and great fun. The boards are stable and easy to use for all ages.


One thing to keep in mind when trying windsurfing as a family is that you need to be strong. I tried windsurfing when I was 10. To start it is relatively easy to hoist the sail upright. But the more it falls down the wetter it gets and the heavier it becomes to lift again. It is incredibly enjoyable once you get the sail up and moving.

There are courses for all abilities and it’s a relatively easy sport to pick up and learn. Most courses are for ages 14+ but younger kids can still try windsurfing as a taster session. Greece is a perfect place to learn to windsurf as the sea is warm and the currents aren’t too strong.

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