8 Reasons why the Costa Del Sol is a Great Holiday Destination

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Last Updated on August 24, 2017 by Suzy

The very first country my parents took me and my brother on holiday to was Spain. The area they chose was the Costa Del Sol. We loved the choice of town Fuengirola as we affectionately called it ‘Finger in your ear hole’. It is a holiday that I fondly remember today. I still have miniature ornaments from our day trips to Mijas and Ronda. Both places are now on our family bucket list as they are two places I would love to visit with Mark and Jamie. I will now be adding Castillo de Colomares in Benalmadena to our list as it looks to be well worth a visit.

The Costa Del Sol is a region located in the south of Spain. Most of its towns are on the coast. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate and Malaga is its main airport. I remember playing in the waves of the sea with my brother, sitting outside to eat Pizza (my brother’s staple diet on holiday when he was little), dressing up as a Flamenco dancer and going to watch the bullfighting. I remember us all not being too sure about that last one.

We stayed in a self-catering villa when we were on holiday in Fuengirola. There are some lovely choices of villas all across the Costa Del Sol.

#1 – Aquamijas Waterpark – Mijas

When you are visiting a hot country on your holidays a day out to a water park can be a great way to keep cool while having fun. Aquamijas Waterpark is located in Fuengirola. You can purchase your tickets online for a cheaper rate. They have slides galore, a large pool, places to eat, places to relax and much more.

#2 – Ronda – Dramatic views

I am sure that the photos below will give you an idea of how dramatic Ronda is. It’s set high up in the mountains and commands some stunning views. The town virtually perches on a cliff edge. I remember the Puente Nuevo bridge with a deep gorge running underneath the well from our visit. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Parts of the town date back to the 15th Century. It is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Spain.

Check out the Mirador de Aldehuela and Balcón del Coño Viewpoints for the best views of the City, its famous bridge and its gorge.

#3 – Mijas and the Donkeys of Mijas

When I think of Mijas I think of beautiful white houses and donkeys. Mijas has come under some criticism in the past over the well-being of some of its famous donkeys. There has been a lot of pressure put on the owners and from what I can read they are a lot more well-kept now.

The donkeys of Mijas are world-famous. Back in the 1960’s, they were brought in to carry goods around. Then the tourists started asking for rides and this is now what happens today.

#4 – Beautiful Beaches

The Costa Del Sol benefits from well over 20 sandy beaches. You can choose from large busy tourist beaches such as the beaches at Benalmadena, Marbella, Torremolinos, Malaga and Fuengirola. These often have water sports, restaurants, cafes, sun lounger hire and more to offer the tourists. Or there are smaller less well-known beaches to be found if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle.

#5 – Castillo de Colomares – Benalmadena

This castle is actually a monument built in the form of a castle. It is dedicated to the life and adventures of Christopher Columbus. It covers a large area for a monument and actually contains the smallest church in the world.

Castillo de Colomares was actually completed in 1994 and did not exist when we visited the area. It looks like it’s been around for much longer. You can climb to the top of one of the towers and it’s very cheap to have a look around. It’s not a day trip but for me, it would be well worth a visit.

 Search and Compare Prices and Reviews of the Best Hotels in the Costa Del Sol

#7 – Animal Parks – Bioparc Zoo – Fuengirola & Selwo Marina – Benalmadena

Park 1 – I love a Bioparc zoo. We visited one many times when we lived in France. They are given the name of a Bioparc because of the environments the animals are kept in. They try to stay as true as they can to how they would live in nature, some of them look like ruined cities and ancient temples. The zoo isn’t huge but it has plenty to see.

The Bioparc also has a play area for the kids and a place to eat.

Park 2 – Selwo Marina is located in the heart of Benalmadena. Selwo is split into 4 main areas, Las Antillas – Dolphins and Sea Lions (including shows), La Hondonada – exotic birds (more shows), Isla de Hielo – Penguins and Amazonia – reptiles and Alligators. You can read the full review of the park over at http://herecomethehoopers.com/

#8 – Cable car – Benalmadena

The cable car at Benalmadena takes you to the peak of the mountain some 770 metres up. There you will experience stunning views, the journey itself takes 15 minutes. Once you arrive at the peak they often have a bird of prey demonstration where you can watch the birds soaring above you. There are also three places to eat once at the top.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. The post has been written by myself. All photos have been credited.

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  1. As a kid we holidayed every summer on the Costa Del Sol. We stayed a little further along the cost in Marbella which is a lot different today to how it was back when I was a kid! That photo of the water park shows the exact spot I nearly drowned on the rubber ring ride. I was probably about 8 and I wandered off from my parents and their friends and kids who were all in the main pool. I decided to go on the rubber rings. Everything was going fine then I came out of my rubber ring in one of the mini pools along the route. There was so many people in the mini pool I couldn’t get up for air. Every time I pushed up from the bottom there was a rubber ring in the way blocking access to the surface. I can remember it now so clearly, the panic. I eventually got up for air but was stuck in the mini pool against the wall for ages as there were just too many people coming down. When I eventually got space to go down (ringless) my parents found me and understandably went mental at me wandering off as they had been searching the park for half an hour for me. I don’t they they really understood why I was so upset myself! I was made to sit on the sun lounger for the rest of the day and not move. I distinctly remember my cheese roll being warm soggy. It is so weird what you remember 25+ years later!


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