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Growing up my son was not the bravest in the water. He was mostly nervous about putting his face in the water. Slowly but surely he got there in the end. I am super proud of the effort that he put into learning to swim. I can remember when we first started taking him swimming I was completely overwhelmed with the choice of floats, armbands and floatation devices for kids.

There are a few main ones to choose from which I will cover below (most of which we have tried). Hopefully, this will help you to compare what’s out there before you buy. My son used armbands when he was a toddler. We then moved on to the float discs from around 2-4 years and then he learnt to swim using pool noodles.*affiliate links – this post contains affiliate links. It will cost you no extra to purchase any of these products.

Best Swimming Aids for Kids

Swim Safe Seat For Babies

This post is looking at pool items to help and aid your kids in learning to swim. If you are looking for something to keep your baby afloat then a swim-safe seat may be your best bet.

Bestway Baby Swim Safe Seat (Step A) Learn to Swim Square Inflatable, Yellow, 0-12 Months.

  • Baby swimming support seat – a key step to becoming an independent swimmer
  • Allows you to relax and enjoy the pool knowing that your little one is safe and supported in their seat
  • Gives young ones the opportunity to develop their confidence in the water – ideal for holidays and trips to the pool
  • The ideal way to introduce your baby to swimming – an important life skill
  • Three air chambers for a supportive and buoyant inflatable seat

Zoggs Kids Lightweight and Comfortable Foam Float Discs Arm Bands for Swimming – 2-6 Years.

  • Variable buoyancy: Set includes four float discs, start with two floats per arm and remove one from each arm to reduce buoyancy as your child’s confidence in the water grows
  • Easy to use: They are lightweight and comfortable to wear and made from durable puncture-free EVA foam
  • Safety: Zogg’s float discs should only be used for short periods of time of up to 30 minutes per session; regularly check for any signs of rubbing which may occur during use
  • Ideal for swimming lessons and learning to swim, they offer children complete freedom of movement in the water and are less restrictive than other swimming aids

Zoggs Kids Zoggy Back Float Buoyancy Aid for Swimming – Multi, 2-6 Years.

  • Ages 2-6 years, max weight 25 kg
  • Double action safety adjustable strap goes across the chest for a secure fit
  • Supports body position as well as independent arm and leg movement in the water
  • Removable layers in the back float to reduce buoyancy as your child gains confidence in the water
  • Designed to create buoyancy whilst your child is actively trying to swim

  • Top quality neoprene and soft Lycra binding for softness and comfortable fit
  • For safety and comfort, a good chunky, self-locking YKK brand zip is standard
  • Provides thermal and sun protection; it is 100% UV protective on covered areas
  • The design wraps around the child’s torso and keeps arms free for swimming
  • The trademark bright yellow back provides high visibility for parents

  • Suitable for children aged 3 – 6 years (15-30kg)
  • Children must be supervised when using this product
  • Available in 2 colours
  • GS certified in accordance with EN13138-1:2008
  • The floats can also be removed as the child builds up their confidence.
  • Available in 2 colours

SwimFin Children’s Learn To Swim SwimFloat Kids Swimming Aid Pool Back Floats.

  • SwimFin Children’s Learn To Swim Swimfloat Kids Swimming Aid Pool Back Floats
  • The world’s only vertical swimming aid works for the youngest children who are taking to the water for the first time, to the seasoned swimmer who wants to improve their stroke technique
  • Worn on the back, it gives the arms and body complete freedom of movement
  • Available in 4 colours

Zoggs Kid’s Roll-Ups Easy Inflate Swimming Armbands.

The dual air chamber features non-return safety valves with Easy Inflate technology. The heavy-duty vylux and roll-on arm rings allow for longer practice in the pool. – Vylux – Easy inflate valves – For 1-6 Years

Sevylor Arm Bands Puddle Jumper, Toddler swimming aids. Float discs, for 2-6-year-old, 15-30kg, swim training aids, inflatable arm floats for learning to swim.

  • MAXIMUM SECURITY: The swim armband is secured with a safety buckle at the child’s back so that the kid cannot open it alone. Adjustable strap to fit all sizes between 15-30kg (2-5 years)
  • FREEDOM: The swimming aid for toddlers allows them to move and have fun freely and safely; the soft woven polyester adds extra comfort with less chafing and the swim discs do not cling to the skin
  • Available in a wide range of designs and colours.

  • VERSATILE. Strong and flexible, our Pool Noodles are easy to store, with no worries of them being easily damaged.
  • IDEAL FOR PLAYING AND EXERCISING. Our Pool Noodles will provide endless fun, exercise, relaxation and be a key player for those who are just starting out in the water.
  • MORE THAN ONE USE. Our Pool Noodles aren’t simply for the water. They are also suitable for team games and circuit exercises for both kids and adults.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATION. Length: 150cm long per Noodle. Pack of 2 with colours Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple colours are random.

Other Swimming Accessories to Help Your Kids Learn to Swim

  • Vision + Comfort: Created with vision and comfort in mind, the Seal Kid 2 swim goggles feature a leak-free fit for kids ages 3+, and easy-adjust side buckles that are simple for kids or parents to adjust
  • Curved Lens Technology: Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lens technology offers clear possible visibility and a 180-degree wide field of vision with hydrodynamics, making kids more comfortable in the water
  • UV and Anti-Fog: The original swim mask for kids, The Seal Kid 2 is constructed with 100 per cent UVA/UVB protection; pairing that with a scratch-resistant anti-fog lens, your kids will be ready for fun in the water all year round
  • Available in a choice of colours

Zoggs Children’s Zoggy Sinking Dive Sticks Pool Toy and Game.

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Use as a pool game to encourage and build confidence in the water
  • Dimensions per stick: H 18 cm x W 3 cm, includes four fun bright coloured seal dive sticks
  • A dive-and-retrieve game for 1 or more players
  • Soft flexible construction for safety

  • Helps teach the important aspects of breathing techniques
  • Ideal for use in the bath and swimming pool
  • Blow and make the seal head flip, or use as a fun retrieve game
  • Suitable for age 3 months+, set includes 5 seals
  • Encourages and builds confidence in the water

Zoggs Children’s Zoggy Mini Easy Learn to Swim Float Kickboard – Yellow, 3-12 Years.

  • Ideal for early swim development training
  • Suitable for children aged 3-12 years
  • Durable high-density EVA construction
  • Used for improving the body position in the water and providing buoyancy
  • Designed to support swimming lessons

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