Blackpool Staycation – Bucket List Holiday – Guest #8

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I have something to tell you all – we love Blackpool. My in-laws live in Fleetwood which is just up the road from Blackpool. Just recently had our third holiday there. It was funny because the day we arrived I was sent over my guest post #8 via Tracey from onefrazzledmum. The idea behind my guest post series is for other bloggers to pitch to me their bucket list holiday or day out.

She has written about so many fun things to see and do in Blackpool and as we are still to do any of those things it still totally applies to us to go to these bucket list attractions. I am desperate for us to just spend a week there immersing ourselves in everything Blackpool. I have fond memories of seeing the illuminations with my family, going up the tower and visiting Jungle Jims.

Guest Post #8 – A Staycation in Blackpool – Bucket List Holiday


I know, I know cliche right? You have to visit Blackpool, the Las Vegas of the UK blah, blah blah. But there is a reason why it has been one of Britain’s top tourist attractions since the early 1800s. Obviously, it’s come a long way since then but millions of people still visit each year and Blackpool is still a bustling tourist town.

Why Blackpool?

Ok so we know it always rains up North, but being a 90-minute train journey away means that over the past few years, Olivia and I had visited Blackpool at least twice a year. Having not visited since my early 20’s Blackpool fell off the radar for me until I was invited to review Madame Tussauds. Since then we have visited most of the major attractions Blackpool seafront has to offer and this year we had our very first staycation in Blackpool. We crammed so much into two days I could have slept for a week when I came home but we literally had so much fun.

What Can You Visit?

We all know about the world-famous Blackpool illuminations running from September to October/November each year. And who can forget about Blackpool Pleasure Beach home to the one and only Pepsi Max Big One! Before you ask, no I never have and never will ride it!

But did you know Blackpool also has the biggest indoor waterpark in the UK? We visited over the summer and you can literally spend all day in there it is amazing. If that’s not your thing you can visit Sealife Blackpool, Madame Tussauds, The Blackpool Tower Eye and The Blackpool Dungeons to name a few. All are conveniently located on the promenade.

Tracey’s posts about Blackpool come in two parts. Below I have posted some excerpts from Part 1 with a link to the rest of the post and to Part 2.

One Frazzled Mum – Review

Our Staycation in Blackpool Itinerary.

Day 1 would see us visit Madame Tussauds, Sea Life Blackpool and Sandcastle Waterpark. For Day 2 we were heading to the Pleasure Beach before visiting The Blackpool Tower. We had a reservation overnight for The Hollindales Hotel, I was excited, the girls were excited, it was time! Bring on our staycation in Blackpool!

Madame Tussauds.

Our first stop and one of our favourite places in Blackpool. Having visited at least 4 times in the past few years, I knew that there were some new waxworks that the girls would love this year. Would it still be just as fun for us all this time around?

Abso-freaking-lutely. There is a reason people flock to Madame Tussauds time and time again. As always the customer service was amazing not only at the front desk but the staff at the photo points and around the attraction. We were lucky it wasn’t too busy. We went quite early in the day so this meant there wasn’t a lot of time queuing to snap our favourite celebs.

This was a plus for the girls who posed up a storm as we made our way through the attraction. The first new waxwork we came across was Brian Cox. Although the girls didn’t quite know who he was, they loved the 3D show. The fact that they had already seen most of the celebs didn’t stop them from perfecting their poses and generally hopping from one waxwork to the next as soon as the crowds allowed.

After a spot of virtual football, we headed into the Rovers Return for a quick drink before continuing on our way. It’s thirsty work posing for the camera it seems. But as soon as the girls spotted Arianna Grande it was time to leave the Rovers and find some more celebs to add to our collection.

Sea Life Blackpool.

Olivia isn’t one for Sealife centres but my niece loved it and pretty soon her enthusiasm became contagious and we ended up spending quite some time in there. Mostly we walked round in circles, but just to keep revisiting the fish and other creatures again and again. They were both quite taken with it and frequently just stopped in silence to observe all the different tanks.

My absolute favourite part is the tunnel under the tanks. I loved this bit and would have (very nearly did) spent most of my day underneath it. The girls loved it too, giving them the chance to get even closer to the sharks and fish swimming above them. I managed to get some gorgeous pictures too like this seahorse.

To read the rest of Tracey’s review please follow – A staycation in Blackpool day 1. For part 2 please follow – A staycation in Blackpool day 2.

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Some Thoughts

Now I want to spend some more time in Blackpool even more than I already did. We saw the illuminations in 2017 and they were lovely. I can highly recommend it. We loved our ride on a heritage tram and we always visit Coral Island to have a play on the amusements (there are even a few indoor rides – perfect for a wet day!).

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  1. Thank you for having me. I’m so happy you love Blackpool too! We always have a great time when we visit and you have to try out some of the attractions. You won’t be sorry!

  2. I think the main draw for me would be the famous Blackpool Illuminations. My cousin who recently graduated from Lancaster University had visited the Blackpool illuminations last year. He said it was quite good.

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