My Top 5 Documentaries About the World and World Travel

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Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Suzy

There’s nothing like relaxing at night, in front of the TV and being transported to another part of the world. I love to watch documentaries about travel and about the world we live in. It’s never going to be possible to visit everywhere in the world so this is the next best thing. Plus it’s a great educational tool for children who have seen much less of the world than us.

What better way to watch these documentaries than on a beautifully sleek and high-definition TV? I have recently been looking at an Oled TV Panasonic. I don’t know about you but our current TV is in need of an upgrade!

So what are my top 5 documentaries about the world and world travel that I recommend for you to watch?

#1 – Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days

We once spent 6 months without any sort of ‘live’ TV. During that time we watched a lot of documentaries. The best and most inspiring series was Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin. I could happily list all of his world travel documentaries in this list and be done with it. I am such a fan.

He is amusing, entertaining and incredibly watchable. The series was actually broadcast back in 1989 but don’t let that put you off watching it. It still feels current and Michael Palin will transport you to 17 different countries in just 7, 52-minute-long, episodes.

He follows Jules Verne’s 80-day adventure around the world as true to the story as possible. There’s also a really fun twist at the end. He journeys across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America through nearly every possible means of transport, except for aircraft.

My Top 5 Documentaries About the World and World Travel

#2 – Sacred Planet Walt Disney

If you know my website you will know I’m a massive fan of Disney so I had to include this documentary about our great planet, produced by Disney. The documentary lasts for 40 minutes. In that time you are taken around the world to see everything that is wonderful, sacred and unique.

It’s a truly fabulous way to see the world and to be introduced to some great sites such as the desert lands of Namibia, the ruins of Thailand, the canyons of Arizona and much more. The documentary first aired in 2004 and is narrated by Robert Redford Jr.

#3 – Frozen Planet

As our planet faces more and more concerns about global warming this is a great documentary to watch to find out about how it is affecting the earth and its inhabitants. You are taken to the Arctic and Antarctic, Greenland, Russia, Norway, the USA and Canada.

You will see the challenges that many of the country’s animals now have to face in a frozen and sometimes not-so-frozen environment. This is a documentary to make you think while seeing some true and natural wonders of the world. There are 7 episodes in the series. Each episode lasts for 1 hour.

My Top 5 Documentaries About the World and World Travel

#4 – Coast

There have actually been 10 series to this popular BBC documentary. I am such a big fan of visiting the seaside in the UK so this was and still is a great watch for me. It is a fascinating insight into the long and varied coastline of the UK.

Not only do you get to see the coast as it is but you learn about the history, the stories and the attractions along the way. They also go into detail about coastal erosion and other natural phenomena that are still shaping the coastline today and will continue to change it throughout history.

My Top 5 Documentaries About the World and World Travel

#5 – The Maidentrip

Would you believe me if I told you that a 14-year-old girl travelled the world by herself on her boat? What a remarkable and inspiring young lady. The documentary first aired back in 2013 and is 1hr 22 minutes long. Laura Decker travels around the world, at sea, took just over a year and a half.

In that time she sailed to Galapagos, Panama, St. Martins and more. Can you imagine your 14-year-old doing that? Can you imagine the parent’s concern for her? I’d be a nervous wreck if my son decided to do this. But what an experience she must have had. She filmed her own adventures so she really was out there alone.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are entirely my own. Photos are courtesy of Pixabay.

11 thoughts on “My Top 5 Documentaries About the World and World Travel”

  1. What lovely ideas you’ve come up with! I’ve seen some of Frozen Planet and Michael Palin’s show but The Coast sounds fascinating – so much beauty along the British coastline. As for The Maindentrip. No, just no. My son is 14 in December – can you imagine? I don’t know whether to applaud them for letting their daughter do it (because what an amazing experience) or berate them for being so foolish!

  2. I hadn’t heard of the Maidentrip before, it sounds fascinating, but I couldn’t imagine letting me daughter do something like that at the age of 14, she’s all grown up now. However, she did spend the summer in Egypt when she was 14 with her school friends. One of her friends parents had a house in Sharm and took them all there for the summer, they had a great time.

  3. We’ve only seen Frozen Planet and a few of the Coast programmes. One of our favourite travel shows (if you can call it that) is The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. I think the LWR is what really invoked wanderlust in my husband and I.

  4. I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen any of these!! I love learning about nature and our planet but just never have the time and headspace for documentaries these days. Will keep this list in mind for next time I find time to watch tv xx


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