Nixplay – The Smartest Photo Frame for your Holiday Memories

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Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Suzy

I take thousands of photos especially when we are away on holiday or out somewhere new for the day. I take them and then they mostly get relegated to folders on my laptop. I have photos on my phone, in Google Photos, on my social media accounts and on my laptop. Now I can display these memories with a clever and very smart photo frame by Nixplay.

Plus I can even share these photos with friends or family that also own a Nixplay Wi-Fi photo frame. I especially like the idea that if my son and I are away without my husband we can upload a 15-second video which we can then select to play on our frame at home.

*Disclaimer: We were sent a Nixplay Photo Frame for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

There is so much that this photo frame can do using the app or their website. I will run through as much as I can below. You can create playlists for your photos and choose which ones to play on your photo frame. The frames come with 10GB as standard which is around 2,000 photos. If you want to add more photos they have a subscription service that enables you to add more. They also come in a range of sizes and colours.

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Review

The frame itself comes in an attractive and well-packaged box. I felt like a kid at Christmas unwrapping everything. There is the frame itself which comes with its very own bendy stand so you can position it exactly how you want it in either landscape or portrait mode.

There is also the option to attach the frame to a wall and they have provided the necessary screws etc. for you to do that. In the box, there is also a UK and a European plug, an instruction manual and a remote control for your frame with the batteries included. You can see from the photo below that the frame itself is thin making it ideal to mount on the wall. I love the portableness of it so I will be using the stand.

Nixplay - The Smartest Photo Frame for your Holiday Memories
Unboxing the Nixplay smart frame
Nixplay - The Smartest Photo Frame for your Holiday Memories
The photo frame, from the side, with its bendable stand

It is a good idea to pair your phone with your photo frame during set-up. Although you can sync to the photo frame via the Nixplay website without needing a smartphone. I downloaded the Nixplay app and then between my smartphone and the smart frame I managed to sync the two devices.

The frame works via Wi-Fi so if you have a secured network you will need to enter your password during set up. Your mobile will also need to share the same Wi-Fi network for pairing to work. It took me around half an hour to set everything up from scratch. You navigate the photo frame using the remote control.

Nixplay - The Smartest Photo Frame for your Holiday Memories
Setting the photo frame up for the first time

Wi-Fi Cloud Smart Photo Frame

You display photos on your photo frame using an account at Nixplay which you will need to set up to get everything up and running. I like how you can create playlists and you can then pick and choose which playlists then play on your photo frame.

I started by uploading some of my favourite holiday photo albums from my laptop into the Nixplay cloud via their website. These are then saved as separate playlists and I could then enable or disable which ones would play on my photo frame. As soon as I clicked ‘enable playlist’ they started playing on my frame.

Nixplay - The Smartest Photo Frame for your Holiday Memories

They have all sorts of settings for how your photos are played back. These include shuffle, sleep schedule and transition time and you can also display a clock. I like that you can also create captions for your photos which you can choose to display.

It’s also easy to add or delete photos from your playlists or you can change the order in which they are played. There is even a motion detector setting. If you want your photo frame can go into sleep mode after a certain length of time. This can then be ‘awoken’ by someone walking past the frame and playback will resume.

What really strikes me after watching my photos playback is the quality. The photos are clear and the playback is clearly in a high resolution. Our holiday memories have never looked better! They really do them justice.

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame

A Nixplay frame comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, shipping is free, payment is secure and their frames have a one-year warranty. They also sell standard photo frames that don’t use Wi-Fi.

I am really looking forward to adding more playlists and being able to look back on happy family memories whenever I please.

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