Our Ultimate Family Bucket List

So where would our ultimate family bucket list destinations be? From our 450+ bucket list, there are some places on the list that realistically it would take us a lot of savings to be able to afford. They are also the kind of destinations that we would love to be able to do in 5* luxury. But where would we start? Find out our top family bucket list ideas.

Disney cruise line

None of us has been on a cruise before so this is a must for the list. There are quite a few cruise liners that now cater for families and are based around creating fun and exciting new experiences for them. My ultimate cruise would be on the Disney cruise line. Disney has such a vast choice of cruises and cruise options. There are 2 nights up to 14 nights cruises, covering many different destinations around the world.

I would love to go on the 10-day cruise of the Norwegian fjords and Iceland from Copenhagen to Dover. An Oceanview cabin starts from £7,558. There are Disney character experiences for the children, entertainment for all and so much more.

Holiday to the Bahamas

I fell in love with the Bahamas after watching a documentary about the islands a few months ago. I spent ages online looking at everything there is to see and do there. My ultimate experience would be swimming with dolphins at the Atlantis Resort. Plus taking a boat trip to see the swimming pigs. The Bahamas has over 700 islands so it would be really fun to be able to hire a luxury chartered yacht. These can start at £100,000 for a week and reach up to nearly a million pounds.

A Safari to Kenya

A safari to Kenya would have to be done in luxury. There are even websites that offer luxury family safaris. They can specialise in different types of tours for different age groups. Jamie has always had a massive love for animals and I am sure he would find it really exciting and interesting to see all his favourite animals living in the wild. One of the first continents he learnt about was Africa. Tailor-made itineraries can start from £4,000.

Visit Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands

OK hands up this one is actually affordable for us right now. But if we won the lottery I’d make sure we visited tomorrow. Efteling is a theme park with all the things that you expect like rides and shows. However, it’s not quite your average theme park as it’s all based upon the theme of fairytales. The whole place looks so magical that I don’t think we’d ever want to leave.

Looking at their accommodation options the highlight for us would be to stay in a treetop house that is owned by the theme park. For 3 nights in April, including entrance tickets, it would cost £800. Transportation would cost extra.

Lapland and hopefully the northern lights

I really hope that we get to do this before the little fella gets too old. I own a brochure for Santa’s Lapland and I often get it out and plan our holiday there. Realistically we can’t really afford it as even for just 3 nights a visit to Lapland does not come cheap.

The whole experience looks so magical, it would be my ultimate dream to also experience the northern lights while we were there. Jamie has barely even experienced snow let alone snow at Christmas. We would get to meet Santa, go husky sledging, reindeer sleigh rides, toboggan and so much more. Of course, if we won the lottery we would go for the ultimate package with the best accommodation and the most amount of activities possible. From £1159 per person including flights we could stay in a log cabin for 4 nights, only trouble is I can’t even see any availability for 2018!


My Grandad was Australian and it would be amazing for me to travel there and meet my family members that I have never met before. The country is so vast that I think the option for this holiday would have to be to hire a massive camper van and tour around the country.

I’d love for us to be able to meet the famous animals of Australia up close such as Koalas and Kangaroos. A visit to Sydney and the opera house would be a must. It would be amazing to be able to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef. For 21 nights a large campervan would cost around £3-4,000. Flights would be extra.

Sri Lanka

We had our honeymoon here way back in 2008. We spent three weeks in 9 different types of accommodation, exploring the island. Find out our ultimate 2-week itinerary – Sri Lanka Itinerary 2 Weeks | Ultimate Family Holiday

Our absolute favourite hotel was the Kandalama.Heritance hotel in Sigiriya. You feel like you are one with nature here. The highlight for us was the monkeys that came onto our balcony. If we could return to Sri Lanka I think we’d choose 3 different hotel stays in our 3 favourite areas. A safari to see the elephants is a must also watching turtles make their way to the sea. Galle and Yalla were our two other favourite places to return to. Sri Lanka has some truly stunning hotels. A luxury 14-night break including flights would be around £6,000 for the three of us.

Our Ultimate Family Bucket List - What we would do with a Lottery Win

So there you have it our ultimate family bucket list, now all we need to do is the money!

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