Secret Escapes With Your Partner | The Undiscovered​ ​Northern​ ​Region​ ​of​ ​Asturias​ ​in​ ​Spain

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More and more couples are escaping from everything and taking holidays where you can just simply get away from it all, including the kids. There’s a real gem of a place that offers holidays to such a destination. That place is the pretty much undiscovered northern region of Asturias in Spain.

The scenery there is simply stunning and somewhere that you won’t forget. Why not take a self-guided walking journey? A ‘slow holiday’ across the rugged landscape?

Slow Holidays

Inntravel has been offering ‘slow holidays’ since the late 1980s. No matter how keen, or not keen, you are about walking there is a holiday, for everyone, waiting to be discovered. While you are out walking they will move your luggage from one place to the next so you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack around with you. Leaving you free to explore and without a concern.

Each hotel en route has been selected for its character. Some holidays are based at one hotel leaving you free to explore the many walks in the surrounding area. All walks are graded from the relatively easy grade 1 all the way up to grade 3, for the walkers who like a challenge.

Secret Escapes With Your Partner | The Undiscovered​ ​Northern​ ​Region​ ​of​ ​Asturias​ ​in​ ​Spain
Cudillero in Asturias

Why would I choose to take a Slow Holiday in this part of the world?

We have been lucky to drive through this part of Spain in the past and I have to say that we were completely stunned by the beautiful scenery. It is easy to get to as it lies just a short drive west of the main City in that area, Bilbao.

Several airlines fly into Bilbao and there is also a large ferry port. You will find the air a lot clearer here and the way of life a lot more laid back. Farming is mostly done by traditional methods and goats and sheep are sent out to pasture on the rugged hills. I have no doubt that I would take hundreds of photos of the stunning scenery.  

A big love of our lives is eating out. Asturias is well renowned for its food, wine and restaurants. The most famous regional dish is ‘Fabada Asturiana’. This is a rich stew made with the Asturian large white beans, pork shoulder, morcilla, chorizo, and saffron.

Other popular dishes are beef stew and fish in cider. The cider is made from locally grown apples and is drunk all over Spain. It is also a great area of Spain for Tapas.

More about Asturias

Asturias is part of the Costa Verde which literally means green coast. The area is made up of lush green hills that sweep down to the sea as grassy cliffs. The beaches are mostly secluded and full of amazing rock formations formed by the sea. This has also created caves, some of which can be accessed and explored. It’s ideal for couples wanting time on the beach mixed with exploring the beautiful scenery.

Compare Hotel Prices and Reviews in Asturias

Cliffs tumble down to secluded coves

Behind the grassy hills, you will see the rugged mountains of the Picos de Europa National Park. The mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the walks in the area. Car hire is also included so if you want to get out a bit further than your legs can take you, then it is the perfect way to explore some more of the area.

The architecture in this area is mostly medieval and barely touched. This means there are some very pretty villages just waiting to be explored. Notably Gijon, Oviedo and Llanes. The area is little well known yet is amongst the most stunning scenery in Spain.

While out walking you could explore the real heart of the area. Passing through authentic villages and working farms. Or admire stunning vistas out to sea and across the mountains. There are some stunning walks around lakes and if you are there early in the season there may even be snow on the higher routes.

If you are a fan of gorges, like me, then you will have the opportunity to walk through the craggy ‘must-see’ Divine Gorge. The gorge is surrounded by towering limestone peaks.

Playa la Vega is a great beach to take a walk to and relax there for a while. It has a beautiful and unspoiled sandy beach.

Rugged coastline

As well as everything mentioned above you can expect to see historic churches, caves with Palaeolithic art and more. All whilst enjoying a total escape from it all. A trip to Oviedo is also recommended. Notably, for its brightly coloured houses lining cobbled streets. There is a stunning Cathedral and the whole place simply oozes culture.

Inspiring landscapes

Temperatures in the summer are very similar to our summers in the UK making it perfect walking weather. Over the winter the temperature rarely dips below 12oC, during the day.

Don’t forget that Spain isn’t just for the summer. Here’s a great post by The Family Voyage explaining why Spain is also great in the winter – Spain in winter – Why Spain should be your next winter holiday destination.

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Inntravel. All words and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of Inntravel.

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