Things to do in Castleton Derbyshire

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Castleton is a beautiful village in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District. The village is well known for its show caves and it also has an English Heritage owned castle set high on the hill. There is more than enough to occupy a day or even two in Castleton and just outside of the village.

Speedwell Cavern

Average time of visit – Approx. 1 hour. Indoors
Speedwell Cavern is just a short walk (approx. 15 to 20 minutes) outside of the village. You can also drive and park there but then you would miss out on truly appreciating the beautiful scenery. There are 105 steps down underground into this water-filled cavern. I wouldn’t recommend children under 5 visit.

Tours run every 20 minutes and the queue can build up really fast so get there early. Each boat accommodates 21 people. The tunnels are very narrow and very low in places. At the end of the line, you clamber out of the boat and stay in the end cavern for a talk for a few minutes before returning on the boat back to where you started. Find out more

Things to do Castleton

Peak Cavern

Average time of visit – Up to 1 hour. Indoors
Peak Cavern is located in the centre of Castleton. The cave is also known as the Devil’s arse! It is said to have the largest cave entrance in the country. The site is often used for concerts. At the entrance, you will see a couple of small houses as people used to live here and make rope. The cave is relatively low in places but helmets are not needed. You are shown through different parts of the cave system and stop for talks along the way. The tour is suitable for anyone with walking ability. Find Out More

Things to do Castleton

Blue John Cavern

Average time of visit – 1 hour, Indoors
Blue John is an ornamental mineral that can be found in just two caves in Derbyshire. Blue John Cavern is a little further out of Castleton than the two caves mentioned above, parking is limited. I can recommend arriving early as the tour will more likely be a lot quieter. You descend down some steps where your tour begins with a talk about mining tools and the history of Blue John. You walk around a variety of different caverns and you can see some Blue John in the rocks. Find out more

Things to do Castleton

Treak Cliff Cavern

Average time of visit – 1 hour. Indoors
Treak Cliff Cavern is the only other cave with the ornamental mineral Blue John. It is also located a little out of Castleton and driving there is recommended. Enjoy a guided tour through our mine and caverns and see some of the finest stalactites and stalagmites in the Peak District with wonderful water-worn chambers. There is also a new museum that takes you on a journey from the prehistoric to the modern-day via our outstanding collection of Blue John.

Peveril Castle

Average time of visit – 1 hour. Outdoors
The walk up to Peveril Castle is very steep. King Henry II built Peveril Castle back in 1176. Luckily there are plenty of benches to stop for a rest on the way up and down! It’s worth stopping so that you can also admire the views across the Hope Valley. The Keep at the top is currently closed for maintenance. There isn’t much to see at the top but you can wander around and make sure you look over the wall at the top of the hill. Your eyes will be rewarded. There’s a great hill at the top for rolling down. Find Out More

Things to do Castleton

Prices and opening times vary. Please check the websites before visiting.

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