Twinlakes – Family Theme Park – Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

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If you are looking for a large family theme park in the East Midlands then Twinlakes is most likely the place for you. We visit once every year and it’s been fun to see my son getting braver with certain rides.

Twinlakes is near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. There’s plenty to keep you all entertained for a full day out. We have yet to do everything there in one day, in fact, there are still a few things we haven’t done. Twinlakes is a really great place to visit on an event day. They have all sorts on from award-winning Halloween family events to Christmas fun and plenty more. Keep an eye on their events page.

Family Fun at Twinlakes – Review of the Family Theme Park

Twinlakes is an all-weather day out. There’s just as much to do indoors as there is outdoors. They are constantly improving the park and adding new rides and attractions.

The Rides – Indoors

Yes, they actually have indoor rides and quite a fair few. At Buccaneer’s island there are lots of indoor rides to be found. There’s a Wind in the willows water ride and a mini pirate ship for those not quite ready for the bigger outdoor pirate ship. Jamie loves the spinning barrel ride and the wheel. Also in this area is a large blaster arena and a smaller soft play for toddlers.

Twinlakes - Family Theme Park - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
Spinning barrels
Twinlakes - Family Theme Park - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
The wheel

In the Labyrinth indoor area, you will find a fun mirror maze. Plus a small bouncing tower ride and some swings. All of the indoor rides are aimed at smaller children. Adults are allowed on a few of these rides such as Wind in the willows and Spinning barrels.

Twinlakes - Family Theme Park - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
Having fun in the mirror maze

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The Rides – Outdoors

Action USA

Home to my all-time favourite, blast from the past ride, you will find the Buffalo stamped rollercoaster. This used to be at American Adventure which sadly shut down years ago. This was my favourite ride from the park and it’s nice to still be able to go on it. It’s very fast and could scare younger kids. Jamie adores it though. Kids have to be over 1 metre to ride on it.

Twinlakes - Family Theme Park - Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
Buffalo rollercoaster

They have a small train ride for the little ones near here.

New train ride
Also in this area is the Dizzy Dune Buggies ride. This is a really bouncy ride

In Action USA you will also find a toboggan ride for kids over 110cm. There are bumper boats (min 90cm) plus karts for older and smaller children.

The ride in the photo below is relatively new to Twin Lakes. Taxi Key Largo is a perfect ride for toddlers.

Taxi Key Largo


Outside in the labyrinth, you will find more outdoor rides. They have giant bouncy pillows and a mini coaster (min 90cm) in this area. My boy is growing! He couldn’t go on the smaller toddler pillow and instead, he was tall enough for the much bigger bouncy pillow. Adults can go on everything but the pillows in this part of the park.

Mini coaster
Bouncy Pillows

There is a log flume over by the splash park which we finally went on when he was a bit older. We didn’t get too wet but my shoes got wetter than I was expecting.

Excalibur Adventure

Outdoor ride in Excalibur

There is a really fun horse ride (min 90cms) which Jamie chose to go on again later.

Riding without Mummy on Joust About
There’s a much bigger and faster tea cup ride

Another outdoor ride in this area is the Icarus Sky Flyer. Children must be 105cm or over to ride on this high swing ride, it does go very high (70ft in fact eek!).

Icarus Sky Flyer

Buccaneers Island Zone

Near the main area for the indoor rides at Buccaneer Island, you will find the relatively new Rum Runner ride. Children must be 95cm or over to ride this ride. It is quite extreme for little ones and you do get spun around a lot.

Rum Runner ride

Playgrounds etc.

There is the biggest beach in the east midlands near here and you can take a boat out on the lake. Their map has a picture of a land train on it, this is no longer running.

The big lake next to the beach

They have a really fun Wild West town for the kids…and adults!…to play in. There’s a jail, post office, saloon and much more.

Prairie Pete’s City

Near here is a really huge and recently added fantasy castle adventure playground. There is a smaller version for toddlers as this playground is quite challenging. Jamie found a section he could play on easily and wouldn’t venture any further.

Fantasy castle playground, it’s huge!
Fantasy Castle

Near the larger pirate ship is a nice little sand and imaginative play area for kids. Jamie loved this section and didn’t want to leave.

We found this playground near the log flume

Another big play area is the castle near the horse ride. Last time we were there Jamie sent himself down the massive slide, which you are supposed to use a mat on. I kept a wide berth this time, plus we were running out of time. Also near here, there is a dungeon maze.

Soft Play

There are quite a few indoor soft play areas at Twinlakes. Excalibur Adventure has a small one for under 5’s. There’s also the under 5’s soft play in Buccaneer’s Island and one in Labyrinth. For kids over 90cm, there is a huge soft play in Labyrinth. The weather was lovely when we visited so I was a bad Mummy and didn’t let him on any this visit.

Places to Eat at Twinlakes

You are allowed to take a picnic to Twinlakes and they have plenty of picnic benches dotted all around the park. If you want to purchase food it’s fast food and pretty basic. Food is mostly sandwich boxes for the kids or hot meals such as chicken nuggets, burgers, jacket potatoes. There are plenty of places around the park to buy drinks and ice-creams.

The Animals at Twinlakes Theme Park

Yes, they have animals at Twinlakes. Near the entrance, you will find some creepy critters. The entrance to this and a few other attractions in this area are hard to spot so keep your eyes peeled.

In Red Roosters Zoo Farm, you will find all sorts of animals. From rabbits to meerkats and monkeys to goats. It’s worth a wander around.

Red Rooster Zoo Farm
This goat has the right idea and yes we did feed it

There is also a large bird of prey centre with daily displays.

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Water Park at Twinlakes

The Au Guang Dragon Zone Water Park is open in the summer months. The water is not heated so I’d only pack swimmers if it’s a nice day. We have paddled in the water before and it was freezing. But there’s always plenty of people playing here so maybe it’s just us. There are slides, waterfalls and loungers for the adults.

The water park

Important Information about Twinlakes

Twinlakes is open for most of the year. You can purchase peak and off-peak tickets. Children under 95cms are free. The off-peak prices are more than worth it. Twinlakes does not allow all adult parties. You can also purchase an annual pass and the admission price changes during Christmas. It is worth checking their website before you leave. You can purchase your tickets online in advance.

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  1. Ah, that looks like an amazing place! My kids would have love that when they were younger! Great idea to have thing indoors and out because our British weather can be SO unpredictable! Perfect, too, that you can take a picnic with you – always good to keep the costs down if you can!

  2. This place looks amazing and so reasonably priced for what is available there! I like that there are indoor rides too, when ever we plan to go to places like this is seems to rain 😉

  3. We love it at Twinlakes, though we’ve not been since my daughter is old enough to enjoy the rides too. She is a big fan of the huge soft play 🙂


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