Epcot Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

By the time we visited Epcot we were becoming a bit of a pro with our PhotoPass and the Disney App. We even found Pluto who we had failed to find anywhere else.

PhotoPass is also incredibly easy to use. Every time you have your photo taken by a Disney photographer you simply scan your magic band and the photos will appear on your My Disney Experience App or online. You then have a few weeks in which to download your photos. Simples.

You don’t need PhotoPass to meet any of the characters at Walt Disney World. We loved it though. The best thing about it was that we could all be in a photograph together and I could also film Jamie meeting the characters knowing I’d be getting some great photos as well. Perfect.

Characters you can Meet and Greet at Disney’s Epcot

Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is the first character you can meet as you enter Epcot. She is just to the right of the globe. We saw her there a few times and eventually scooted over to meet her towards the end of our second day at Epcot. She was a delight to meet and really sweet with Jamie.

Epcot Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
Meeting Daisy Duck
Epcot Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

She is outside but as with most of the outdoor characters there was shade so we didn’t get too hot waiting to meet her. We only queued for about 10 minutes.

Baymax, Joy and Sadness

OK, confession time we didn’t know these characters. However, Jamie thought it was marvellous that he could go and meet a ‘giant marshmallow’. Plus it was a super hot day and the air conditioning in this part of Epcot was very welcoming. Both queues were always long from what we saw and we queued for about 20 minutes.

To be honest it was probably the worse of our meet and greets. Baymax either couldn’t see Jamie or he was so restricted in the suit that there wasn’t a lot that he can do with the kids. Jamie enjoyed giving him a squishy cuddle though. Baymax, Joy and Sadness can be found in Hiro’s Workshop in Future World. Basically, head right in the circular courtyard.

Meeting the giant marshmallow, sorry Baymax

Character Spot – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy

These meet and greets are located opposite Baymax, Joy and Sadness (see above). We had used up all of our fast passes one day and we easily got a fast pass to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy an hour or so later. This is another great meet and greet if you need to cool down as it’s in an air-conditioned room. It’s a great one to Fast Pass as the queue was mostly 40 minutes to an hour long. Plus you get to meet three characters which is always a bonus.

Character Spot – Meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy


We had been having some trouble finding Pluto so we were over the moon to find him here. It was rather hot queueing to meet him but he can be found just as you enter World Showcase. As you enter world showcase you simply need to turn left and he should then be on your left. Considering the heat Pluto was fun and engaging. Jamie didn’t quite grasp what he was trying to get him to do but it was great fun for him.

Meeting Pluto at World Showcase

Other Characters you can meet

Donald Duck – World Showcase Mexico Promenade. Funnily enough, we never spotted him here.

Anna and Elsa – World Showcase Royal Sommerhus. As much as Jamie loves Frozen he was adamant that he wasn’t interested in meeting them. Secretly I think he would have loved to meet Anna and Elsa.

Mulan – World Showcase, Temple of Heaven in China.

Snow White – World Showcase, Germany Wishing well.

Princess Jasmine – World Showcase, Lamps of Wonder, Morocco.

Belle – World Showcase, France Promenade.

Princess Aurora – World Showcase, France Fragrance Gardens.

Alice – World Showcase, The Tea Caddy Gardens, UK.

Mary Poppins – World Showcase, UK Promenade.

Not all of these characters can be found in World Showcase all the time. If your kid really wants to meet all of the characters at Epcot then you may need 3 days in total to manage everything at the park plus all of the meet and greets.

To read more about visiting Epcot as a family and to find out all about the rides and what we recommend to fast pass please check out my post here – Epcot For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass

PhotoPass Memory Maker Photographers & Rides

There is only one ride at Epcot where you can have a Memory Maker photo taken and that is Frozen Ever After. Can you spot us?

Frozen Ever After

Considering how much time we spent at Epcot we didn’t come across many PhotoPass photographers to have our photo taken. We did have a lovely photo taken over near the Nemo ride however that was it, which was a shame. We spotted a photographer over by the Globe by the entrance but there always seemed to be so many other people around. Most of them are there to take photos of people with the characters. There was a special event on when we were there and they were taking photos for that. However, that isn’t something that’s on all year round.

Our PhotoPass picture over near the Nemo ride

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Epcot Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass