Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

This is the last in my series of four posts about all the meet and greet character opportunities you can experience across the 4 main Walt Disney World parks. I will include links to my other posts at the bottom of this post. Today I am bringing you information on who you can meet at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios is the park that we spent the least amount of time at as we did everything that we wanted to do (well just about) in a day! However, it is well worth a visit and as it was the quietest park that we visited it was certainly a very pleasant park. It was our most chilled out Disney World resort day out. There are some really great rides here and character meet and greets that you won’t find anywhere else. This is also the park where they seem to be adding the most amount of new attractions.

You don’t have to have upgraded to (or have included) Disney Photo Pass to meet all the characters at the parks. I do however recommend it as you can relax knowing that you will get some great photos. Plus you can either feature in the photos or take some memory lasting videos of your children meeting the characters.

Characters you can Meet and Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


I will start with the character that we were both the most excited to meet and that was Olaf from Frozen. Olaf can be found at Echo lake celebrity spotlight. He is just south of the lake, near to Star Tours. They have an undercover outdoor area where you queue to meet him. The wait time is usually stated before you enter the queue. We waited around 20 minutes. It was an all too brief meet and greet however we both talked about it enthusiastically for ages afterwards. As with a lot of the Disney meet and greets I actually felt like I’d just met THE Olaf.

Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
Hi, my name’s Olaf and I like warm hugs
Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

In the same area but on the opposite side to Olaf you can also meet Mickey and Minnie mouse. They are at Commissary lane, red carpet dreams. The queue was often very long for them and we did attempt to wait when the wait time was stating 30 minutes. However, after a long time waiting we gave up.


I am a big Star wars fan and although our son has only seen 1 Star Wars film so far I was keen to at least meet Chewbacca. He can be found in the lovely air-conditioned Animation courtyard which has a ‘dark’ side and ‘light’ side (see more info in other characters you can meet). This was the best meet and greet of our whole holiday. He was so incredibly authentic, not just in height but in persona and voice. He spent ages showing our son his control desk and then invited me over to join them for photos. It was more than worth the 25-minute wait.

Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
Chewbacca – the best meet and greet of the holiday
Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

Jake (Never land Pirate)

Animation courtyard also has an outdoor meet and greet area. They are covered but even with fans it was very hot here. We walked straight through to meet Jake which was a bonus. Read below to find out the other characters that you can meet here. This was a fun meet and greet which I sadly didn’t film all of. Unexpectedly he started dancing with our little boy which put a huge smile on his face.


None of the meet and greets at Hollywood Studios can be Fast passed.

Cruz Ramirez

We also found Cruz Ramirez from Cars 3 next to the Toy Story Mania ride. There was a series of ropes to queue to meet him however there was no one there when we went so we just walked right up. He moves and talks although it could have been better!

Other characters you can meet

Daisy and Donald Duck – These two characters are in the same area but are a separate meet and greet. They are on the left just as you enter Hollywood studios. These character meet and greets are out in the open with little/no shade.

Goofy – Grand Avenue near the Muppet Vision 3D attraction

Chip and Dale – Grand Avenue (a little further down from Goofy and closer to Muppet Vision)

BB-8 (star wars) – ‘Light side’ animation courtyard (indoors).

Kylo Ren (star wars) – ‘Dark side’ animation courtyard (indoors).

Star-Lord – Animation courtyard (indoors).

Doc McStuffins – Animation courtyard (outside).

Pluto – Animation courtyard (outside).

Sofia the first – Animation courtyard (outside).

Buzz Light Year and Woody – Pixar’s Place, Woody’s Picture shootin’ corral. (opposite Toy Story Mania). This is the same queue so you get to meet both of them. It was partly indoors and partly outdoors. Although you do (eventually) meet them indoors. We queued for about 5 minutes only for my son to strangely start crying and insisting that he didn’t want to meet them (he did eventually meet Buzz at Magic Kingdom).

PhotoPass Memory Maker Photographers

We didn’t find that many photographers here. However, there was a fun one over by Echo Lake where we ended up with a photo with Olaf in it. This was a nice surprise. We also experienced some Disney Magic over by the lake where we went to order a slushie only to be given two free. So as a way of remembering this moment we had a Memory Maker photographer take our photo on our way out of the park with the drinks.

Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
We didn’t know, at the time, why we had to pretend that we were cold
Enjoying our complimentary drinks

If you ride the Tower of Terror you will also have your photo taken on the ride.

Other character meet and greets at Walt Disney World Florida parks please see – Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

To see our meet and greets and more from our visit to Hollywood Studios please watch our video.

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Hollywood Studios Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass