Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass

Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World was easily done in a day, that saying we just about did everything that we wanted to. Which wasn’t actually everything as we had to head home early that day so we missed the Fantasia show. There were also a few attractions that we didn’t see however, there would have been no point visiting on another day as I was satisfied with what we managed to fit in.

Disney Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios for Young Children including Toddlers

Hollywood Studios is the smallest of the 4 main Walt Disney World parks. If you are looking to fit in a more chilled out day to your schedule then this is the park for that. We were shattered that day after some full on days at the other parks. However, we didn’t have to walk far and a lot of the attractions are sit down ones so we didn’t further add to our tiredness. I have seen some people ask if there is much there for kids as the focus of the park is certainly for ‘older’ people. My answer would be that there is plenty to do for families and for kids.

Getting to and into Hollywood Studios

We were staying in a villa offsite for our visit to Hollywood studios. It was an easy park to park at and a short walk from the car park to the park. We also found the bag check queues a lot shorter here. Like Epcot, it all felt a lot less of a hassle visiting Hollywood Studios.

If you are staying off site it costs $22 a day to park at Hollywood Studios and all the other Disney parks. If you are staying at a Disney hotel there is no charge for transport via a Disney park bus.

Hollywood Studios for Kids and Families
Disney Hollywood Studios Rides and Attractions

Hollywood Studios is a lovely compact park. There’s plenty crammed into it’s smaller space and it’s a really easy park to walk around. It’s also very pleasant. I loved all the themed streets/boulevards. There’s also plenty of places for photo opportunities – Hollywood Studios Characters, Meet and Greets, Disney PhotoPass. As it’s based on Hollywood there are more things to watch rather than rides however there are still rides worth going on. I will outline everything below.

Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass
There’s plenty of places to pose for a photo at Hollywood Studios


There’s plenty of places to eat at Hollywood Studios. Some of them are super expensive such as The Hollywood Brown Derby and Minnie’s seasonal dining at Hollywood and Vine. Hollywood and Vine is a buffet restaurant which has character meals such as the Minnie dining and Disney Junior Play ‘n’ dine. We ate at the Sci-Fi Dine-In theatre restaurant which is themed on a drive-in movie theatre.

Outside the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre restaurant

Shows / Films – Times of shows vary from day to day. Please check on arrival.

For the first time in forever: A ‘Frozen’ Sing-Along CelebrationFP – 30 minute sing-along with your favourite characters from the show live on stage.

Star Wars Path of the Jedi – A saga film experience including footage from The Last Jedi. Duration 12 minutes.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular – FP – The auditorium for this show is huge. We arrived around 15 minutes before it started and got a super seat on the second row. It’s worth sitting close as you will feel the warmth from some of the special effects more. Plus smaller children may struggle to see some of the stunts if they are sat up at the back. It was a really good show and worth going to watch. There was plenty of action and amazing stunts. Some of the audience even got to join in which was rather amusing at times.

Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass

Muppet Vision 3D – FP – We actually had a FP (fastpass) for this first thing but we really didn’t need it as we just walked straight in. There’s also plenty of seats in the auditorium. You are given 3D glasses and you sit in a theatre room. There’s ‘live’ characters in the room plus a 3D film on screen. We really enjoyed the film and I’d highly recommend going to see this.

Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass
Muppet Vision 3D
Outside Muppet Vision
Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass
The street near Muppet Vision is great for photos

Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass

Voyage of the Little Mermaid – FP – 17 minute live show with highlights from the film performed on stage. Sadly we never managed this but that was mostly to the show times falling at times when we already had a FP booked.

Disney Junior Live on Stage – FP – 24 minutes family-friendly show with the Disney Junior characters on stage. Again we missed this show.

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage – FP – Again this is another show we missed. We did have a FP but missed our slot. It’s a 30 minute live performance based on the Broadway musical.

Fantasmic – FP – This is the big evening show at Hollywood Studios starring Mickey Mouse. The show lasts for 30 minutes and is set over a big lake with water projections and pyrotechnics.

Centre Stage – Look out for shows on centre stage in the park. While we were there they had a Star Wars show where various characters from the films came on stage. It’s out in the open so be aware that if you want to get there early for a good view you could be stood out in the sun for a while.

The Star Wars characters on Centre Stage

Hollywood Studios Orlando Rides – Family Friendly – No height restrictions

Toy Story Mania – FP – This queue can get really long so try and get a FP if you can. We were very glad of ours as a lot of the queue is outside and it could be too much on a hot day. The ride is a 4-D shootin’ game where you are transported to various targets which you have to hit with your laser to score points. It was great fun.

Shooting the targets in Toy Story Mania

Rides – For taller and older kids / families

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues – FP – 40″/102cm – You enter a ‘capsule/space vehicle’ with around 30 other people. You are given 3-D glasses and C-3PO takes you on a fast and bumpy ride through the galaxies. My four year old loved this and wanted to go on again. It felt very realistic. It often has a long queue so it’s worth getting a FP for (which we did).

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Rock n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith – FP – 48″/122cm. My son was far too small for this (he’s a very tall 4 year old!) It’s a fast-moving roller coaster

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – FP – 40″/102cm. If you can persuade your little ones on this (unlike myself) then it’s a good idea to try and get a FP for this. I believe you go high up in a lift which then drops. He’d seen the sign on the way in and was terrified!

Slinky Dog Dash – 38″/97cm. In Toy Story Land “Take off on a family-friendly coaster as Slinky dog twists around curves”. This ride is a mini rollercoaster great for families.

Alien Swirling Saucers – 32″/81cm. In Toy Story land “Board your toy rocket and hang on tight as the Aliens take you on a spin through space.”

What else is there to find and see?

Walt Disney Presents – ‘Explore Walt Disney’s legendary creative legacy through a multimedia journey. Through art and upcoming park additions’.

Star Wars Launch Bay – ‘View movie props and screen videos in this shop’

There are plenty of characters to meet and greet at Hollywood Studios.

Meet and Greets at Hollywood Studios

Jedi Training Trials on the temple – You have to queue up pretty early in the day to get a designated slot for this. There are Jedi training trials throughout the day. The queue for a slot is over at Indiana Jones Adventure outpost. Children must be aged 4-12 to join in. The trails take place on an open stage and kids are taken through the ‘steps’ to become a Jedi.

Disney Magic – We were lucky to experience some Disney magic while we were in Hollywood Studios. We went to order a slushie to share. The server said we could have two on them. They were not only delicious and great on a hot day but we left in a very good mood.

Enjoying our complimentary drinks

Keep your eye out for all the extra photo opportunities at the park.

A replica of the Hollywood Walk of Fame – but with Disney characters
It’s certainly the most attractive of the parks (well to me it was)

What are the best Rides to Fast Pass at Hollywood Studios?

Currently, the two new rides in Toy story land don’t offer a FP reservation. However, when they do eventually introduce this I recommend that you prioritise these two rides. I would also recommend getting a Fast pass for Toy story mania and Star tours the adventure continues. You can also get early access to seats for Fantasia (the evening show).

To see our meet and greets and more please watch our video

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Hollywood Studios For Kids | What is there to Do | Best Fast Pass