Top 15 Rides to Fast Pass as a Family Disney World

This is my choice of the Top 15 rides to book a Fast Pass for across the four main parks at Walt Disney World in Florida. Some of these rides have height limits, some don’t. From our experiences visiting the four parks these are the 15 rides that we would priorities, especially if we returned soon.

Most of these rides would suit children from age 4-10. They are the 15 rides that generally have long queues and without a Fast Pass you could waste far too much of your day queueing for these rides. They are more than worth going on so if you can get a Fast pass then that will save you precious time on your family holiday to Disney World Florida. You can also book Fast Passes for some shows and character meet and greets at Disney. I am only including rides in this list.

What is Fast Pass at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida?

If you stay at a Walt Disney World resort you can book your fast passes 60 days before you arrive. 30 days in advance with a Walt Disney World ticket bought elsewhere online. With the Disney Fastpass+ system you can book your slot on rides and attractions in advance. This needs a degree of forward thinking and then planning around your timeslots. It is a fabulous way of making sure you get to ride on all the major rides without the worry of a 2-hour queue. At busy times of the year, this can be a blessing. At quieter times of the year it may not be needed but worth booking just in case.

So long as there is availability each person is allowed 3 fast passes a day. A lot of rides you really do have to book 60 days in advance for. Fast passes are available for hotel guests for Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Once you have used your 3 fast passes for the day you can book one more fast pass at a time. So try and squeeze in your 3 Fast Passes as quickly as you can. Please take walking distance from each ride to another into consideration. It is a good idea to plan a route around the park first. It can take a long time to walk from one side to the other so plan well or use one a pre-worked out route from books or online.

If you are staying at one of Disney’s hotels you are given a handy magic band which serves as your room key, ticket etc. and you can even use it to make purchases. For guests staying offsite magic bands are available at an additional cost and don’t have all the same features. All fast pass reservations are made online in advance by opening a My Disney Experience account on their website. You can also make dinner reservations and more.


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – In Fantasyland – Height Limit: 97cm/38″

The Seven Dwarfs mine train in Magic Kingdom is a great introduction for younger children to a rollercoaster ride. Jamie usually insists that I put my arm around him on fast rides. I refused on this and he was just fine. In fact, he loved it and talks about it often. The slower parts through the mine with the dwarfs are really good. He was laughing out loud. The ride itself is one of the tamest with a height limit. We loved it and it is one of the most popular Fast Pass rides in the park.

Top 15 Rides to Fast Pass as a Family Disney World
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Big thunder mountain railroad – In Frontierland – Height Limit: 102cm/40″

Tip: If you can’t get a Fastpass for this read head to it first thing as the queues are usually much shorter. This is a runaway train ride. Jamie was nervous about going on it but it wasn’t extreme and he was fine. There are a few small drops and it does go fast but nothing major. (certainly not compared to Everest – if your kid can go on Everest then they can go on anything for 44″ and smaller). The queue was often very long and it doesn’t move down quickly.

Top 15 Rides to Fast Pass as a Family Disney World
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Jungle Cruise – In Adventureland – No Height Limit

Originally I hadn’t booked a Fastpass for the Jungle cruise, however, I did soon book one while we were there as the queue was usually an hours wait or longer. It was worth it as it’s a really good and fun riverboat ride. The commentary was really funny and filled with jokes. It lasted at least 10 minutes, if not longer. A great ride for all.

Jungle Cruise

Space Mountain – In Tomorrowland – Height Limit: 112cm/44″

Space Mountain seemed to be more shut than open. I remember queuing once for it years ago and they had to turn on the lights and I saw how not very scary this ride actually is. I knew Jamie wouldn’t enjoy it as you have to sit like you do on a log flume plus it’s all in the dark so we skipped this. But other than his own fears this is a great family ride for children that are tall enough. If you do want to go on it you really need a Fast pass as it is one of the most popular rides at Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland Speedway – In Tomorrowland – Height Limit: 81cm/32″ or 137cm/54″ to ride alone

This was another ride I struggled to get a FastPass for (unless we were staying much later in the day). So we queued without one and it took a long time. It quoted 30 mins and I think we were close to 45 minutes. There was far too much preference given to people with FastPass so you are better off reserving a Fastpass. If your kids are over 81cm but under 137cm they are allowed in a car with you and they are allowed to steer the wheel. I was in control of the peddle and after some very dodgy steering by Jamie I wished that I was in control of that also.

Tomorrowland Speedway


Avatar Flight of Passage – In Pandora – Height Limit 112cm/44″

At 114cm Jamie was just tall enough for this ride as you have to be 112cm (44″) and over to ride Avatar Flight of Passage. I, however, could not get a Fast pass for this ride and believe you me I tried. The queue was always 120-210 minutes long so with a 4-year-old it was never something we could risk queuing for. “Avatar is an exhilarating 3D ride on the back of a banshee”. This is the most essential ride across the four parks to prioritise booking a Fast pass for.

Dinosaur – In Dinoland USA – Height Limit 102cm/40″ 

I loved every second of this ride. It was more extreme than I was expecting. It sways and throws you all over the place with dinosaurs popping out all over the place. There were many dark elements. Jamie did not want to go on it again! I, however, laughed my head off. It was so much fun. The queue is often around an hour long so you will have a much shorter wait with a FastPass, we virtually walked straight on.

Dinosaur – Photo Courtesy Disney

Expedition Everest – In Asia – Height Limit: 112cm/44″

I still can’t believe that we persuaded Jamie to go on Expedition Everest. I have to say that this ride was epic, perhaps too epic for Jamie. haha! There are some pretty steep drops and we still aren’t sure if he actually enjoyed it. His face said not! But honestly, he has barely stopped talking about it since. Especially the part where you go backwards after going to a broken track and the Yeti then breaks the track again. I love the area around the mountain. It’s so authentic. Disney has really put some care and attention into theming the area surrounding this ride. The ride is just over 3 minutes long and as one of the most popular rides it is essential to book a Fastpass for.

Expedition Everest – Photo courtesy Disney

Kilimanjaro Safaris – In Africa – No Height Limit

Basically, this ride is like going on Safari in Africa. You board a safari Jeep with lots of other people and you go for a ride around the Savannas of Africa. We loved every minute of it. The safari lasts at least 20 minutes. The guide was very good and left me feeling in awe that they must have to do this many times a day. We saw so many animals. The highlight was when we had a Rhino run past the back of the Jeep where we were sat. We also saw lions, elephants, giraffe, alligators, hippos and much more. Without a Fastpass the wait for this ride was usually around 60-90 minutes long.

Kilimanjaro Safaris


Frozen Ever After – In World Showcase – No Height Limit

This ride was so much better than I was expecting. We love Frozen and we have seen it many times so it was rather magical to take a boat ride through Arundel and see the cast of Frozen. There are a couple of surprises along the way and I won’t spoil them. All I can say is we weren’t expecting it to be quite as exciting as it was. Due to the popularity of Frozen this ride always has a long queue of at least an hour or much much more. Watch out for queue jumpers if you do get a Fastpass. We had some people try to sneak through on our Fastpass. Needless to say they didn’t get far as we were wise to what they were doing. That is the popularity of this ride!

Soarin’  – In Future world West – Height Limit: 102cm/40″

This is one of the best and most popular rides in Epcot. We had a FastPass for the ride and I highly recommend that you get one as the queue becomes long quick! You sit in aisle long seats which elevate slightly in the air. You then go on an air born journey over the world. It was very realistic and the kids were ducking as birds whooshed past and we narrowly missed mountains. The 4D elements such as wind made the experience even better.

Soarin’ – Photo courtesy Disney

Test Track – In Future world East – Height Limit: 102cm/40″

I would have loved to have gone on this. We couldn’t see the ride as such but Jamie could hear the roar of the engines and it freaked him out. He did not want to go on it. We never had a FastPass booked for it so I’m not sure we would have attempted the hour-long queue had he ever agreed to go on it. There always seemed to be a long queue for this ride. You sit in a car that goes fast around a circuit.

Top 15 Rides to Fast Pass as a Family Disney World
Test Track – Photo courtesy Disney


Star Tours – In The Adventure Continues – Height Limit: 102cm/40″

You enter a ‘capsule/space vehicle’ with around 30 other people. You are given 3-D glasses and
C-3PO takes you on a fast and bumpy ride through the galaxies. My four year old loved this and wanted to go on again. It felt very realistic. It often has a long queue so it’s worth getting a FastPass for (which we did).

Star Tours

Toy Story Mania – In Toy Story Land – No Height Limit

This queue can get really long very fast so try and get a FastPass booked if you can. We were very glad of ours as a lot of the queue is outside and it could be too much on a hot day. The ride is a 4-D shootin’ game where you are transported to various targets which you have to hit with your laser to score points. It was great fun.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – In Sunset Boulevard – Height Limit 102cm/40″

If you can persuade your little ones on this (unlike myself) then it’s a good idea to try and get a FastPass for this. I believe you go high up in a lift which then drops. He’d seen the sign on the way in and was terrified!

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Top 15 Rides to Fast Pass as a Family Disney World