Afternoon tea for 2.5 – Stoke Rochford hall, a yummy review

We have afternoon tea on our bucket list. For Dad’s last birthday in July 2016 we bought him an afternoon tea for two voucher at Stoke Rochford hall, near Grantham. Sadly Dad never became well enough to go and died of cancer in October. My Mum kindly invited me and Jamie to go with her as Dad would have wanted the vouchers to be used. This was to be Jamie’s first ever afternoon tea and at 3.5 years old that’s pretty good going as I was a lot older when I experienced my first afternoon tea. A lot lot older!

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Afternoon Tea at Stoke Rochford Hall Review

Stoke Rochford Hall, in the East Midlands, is a large and handsome hotel. The rooms are that of a stately home with high ornate ceilings and furnishings to match. It has to be said that afternoon tea is an ideal thing to do on a winter’s day. It warms you up and puts a smile on your face. As it was a tea for 2.5 I’d already asked for Jamie to have a smaller portion of what we were having. He doesn’t do sharing…and neither do I for that matter.


Afternoon tea for 1 adult is £19.99. They charged us about half of that for Jamie which seemed fair as he had a good portion of food. We waited a little while in their large and cosy reception hall to be seated at our table. As we were 3 people we were given a round and slightly wobbly table that we kind of wished was square as Jamie kept accidentally knocking it and nearly sent tea and food flying about 30 times. I don’t think he’d ever really seen a tablecloth before either as he was fascinated with it and didn’t want to leave it alone. Nether the less with the newness over he actually did pretty well and got top marks for behaviour.

There was quite an extensive list of loose leaf tea and aromatic coffees to choose from. Mum and I both prefer a good old regular blend so that’s what we went for. It was perfect and the teapot kept hot longer than most. We were super impressed with the presentation and look of our food.


There were 4 sandwiches and 5 sweet treats each which was more than enough for us and we have good appetites. Lucky Jamie was treated to his own slate board of food and he had us in hysterics when he picked up his rather sticky chocolate mouse before anything else and proceeded to get a rather chocolaty hand eating it. He was more than happy!


Once we had finished our sandwiches and desserts/cakes we were then brought warm scones with clotted cream and jam. They were delightful and Jamie was again in 7th heaven.


We both said we would have perhaps liked to see the jam in a dish rather than a jar and for it to have perhaps been a bit more local/special but it all tasted good and that’s what really matters.

All the staff we encountered were very friendly and helpful. They all made us feel welcome, Jamie especially. It’s always nice when people acknowledge the little person with you. It helps them build their social skills.


The photo above is of a still smiling little boy who enjoyed his very first-afternoon tea very much. He can’t wait to tell his teachers and friends all about it next week.

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