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Did you know that kids as young as 11 can experience a Junior track day? It’s not just for adults and those who have passed their driving test.

Junior Track Days

Junior track days are especially for children aged 11-17. There are all manner of types of experiences for junior drivers. From a quick 6-minute drive in a supercar to driving 6 laps in a Ferrari, with some of the bigger experiences being the chance to drive various different supercars for up to 3 miles a car. With venues across England and Scotland, there is more than likely a track not too far away from you that offer these kind of experiences.

Your kids will certainly be the envy of their friends. And yes they really are able to drive the car themselves. They are given a full debriefing and will be under the capable eyes etc. of their instructors. What better way to surprise them than a voucher in a card for their birthday or any other special occasion? It will certainly be an experience that they won’t forget in a hurry.

Young Drivers

A track session is a great way of gaining confidence in your kids with their driving skills. There are also many places nationwide that offer driving lessons to younger children. If your children are aged 5-10 they can even learn to drive in a mini electric car. These lessons can help your children learn to drive from an early age with lessons on braking, gear changing and reversing.

I wish they’d had lessons like this when I was younger. It’s so daunting to start that first lesson out on the road. Now children can experience fun ways of learning to drive before they even turn 17. There’s not much not to like about that. And shhhhh don’t tell your kids but I’ve also spotted drifting experiences, stunt driving and tank driving!

Check out this article about why it might be a good idea for your child to learn to drive at a very young age (or at least experience driving!).

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of Track Days

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