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You know how you have places that you keep meaning to visit but keep putting them off? Hayburn Wyke Waterfall has been one of those places for me. It just felt like I was attempting to find the unknown but it really isn’t that difficult to find nor to get to.

Hopefully, if you’ve been feeling the same as me this post will give you the inspiration to visit. If you have no clue where I’m talking about then keep reading as well as this is a gem of a place to visit.

I have researched how to get to the waterfall many times but no posts on the internet really gave me a definitive answer. Yes, it is off the Cleveland Way trail but you don’t have to already be walking the trail to find the waterfall. Nor, do you have to park miles away as some posts lead me to believe.

How to Find Hayburn Wyke Waterfall

Hayburn Wyke Waterfall is a short drive north of Scarborough. If you turn off the Whitby road and follow signs for Ravenscar there is a right-hand turn for Hayburn Wyke off this road. Hayburn Wyke is a natural cove and part of a National Trust nature reserve.

If you are visiting by bike or by car then you have two large car parks to choose from just a short, around 20-minute, walk away from the beach and the waterfall. They are both pay and display but you will not struggle to find a space.

We visited on a lovely hot day at the height of summer and there were only around 20 cars between the two car parks with space for a great many more. One car park is for the Hayburn Wyke Inn and the other is just before this.

The other thing that put me off was reading that the road to the Hayburn Wyke Inn is a really narrow one-way road with two-way traffic. Honestly, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was expecting and both times we didn’t even meet another car. There are a few passing places and although there is a really sharp hairpin bend it really isn’t too worrisome.

I also didn’t want the staff at the inn to think that I was parking in their car park with no intention of being a patron of their inn. It was a really pleasant surprise to find a car park for non-patrons. If you have a low-lying sports car be warned that the drive down into the car park is incredibly steep.

The pay and display machines are cash only. They are £1 an hour with the maximum for all-day parking being £5.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

There is also a sign pointing to the pub or to the waterfall so you know exactly which way to go. You can take dogs with you but you must keep them on a lead through the first part of the walk down as there are cows in the field.

On the walk down you will come across a signpost and a split in the path. You want to head downwards rather than up and follow the sign for Cleveland Way/Ravenscar. The walk then takes you down into the woodland.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

The path was a little slippy and it certainly isn’t buggy nor wheelchair accessible. It was, however, compared to most of the hill walks down to beaches in Yorkshire not too taxing. Don’t get me wrong it’s pretty steep in places going back up but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

A word of caution. There are times when you will feel that there needs to be a sign but there isn’t. If you just keep heading down and have it in your head that the waterfall is north of you then you won’t go wrong. You will also start to hear the waterfall which is a good indication that you are going the right way.

Our only mistake was following a different sign on our way back up for the Hayburn Wyke Inn. We ended up a bit lost and wished we’d taken the way we knew back up. We did find our way through thanks to my phone. But don’t let that put you off. Just retrace your steps and you won’t go wrong.

The beach has no sand and there are a great number of pebbles and large round rocks but my goodness was it pretty. I loved how green it was and how another world it felt compared to the busy seaside town of Scarborough just a short drive away.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

We had taken a rock pool net down with us but the water from the sea didn’t seem to ever reach the base of the waterfall. There was a distinct cut-off line where the seaweed rocks ended and as the beach was all rocks and pebbles we decided not to venture over to the rockpools. We did visit at low tide but from what I could tell you can always access the base of the waterfall. Just take care if you decide to walk any further.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

In the winter or after a good few days of rain there are two waterfalls next to each other at Hayburn Wyke. There was only one for our visit but it was still pretty powerful. It’s not a very tall waterfall but my son spent a long time paddling and playing at the base of the waterfall.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

We had the waterfall to ourselves for quite a long time. We only saw about 10 people the whole time we were there. It really felt like a secret and secluded spot.

Hayburn Wyke How To Find This Seaside Waterfall

There are no public toilets anywhere so if you don’t want to be a patron of the inn you may need to find a secluded spot. The toilets at the inn are for patrons only but this could mean just purchasing a well-earned cold drink rather than a meal.

Hayburn Wyke Inn

We chose to celebrate our achievements by eating at the Hayburn Wyke Inn. It is an 18th Century coaching Inn set in woodland. It’s really pretty and you can even stay the night there. They have plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.

There is also a play area in the woods for the kids. It is quite rustic and it was quite muddy when we visited but not all kids mind a bit of mud. They also have a football net and this was proved to be a sociable spot for many of the visiting kids.

There is certainly a good range of meals to choose from. It isn’t especially cheap with main meals at around £12 and light bites around £7-8. Sandwiches are better value at just under £5. I guess you are a captive audience as there is nowhere else around. But with the setting they have, I didn’t mind. We opted for a sharing platter for £18. The chips and the mushrooms were the highlights for us.

I’m so pleased we finally managed to visit and I hope this post will give you all the advice you need for a visit sometime soon. I visited with our 8-year-old son and he was very confident getting around the beach by himself. I would be cautious taking any child under the age of 4.

Hayburn Wyke Waterfall FAQ & Further Information

Address: Cloughton, Scarborough YO13 0AU, North Yorkshire

Category – Beach – Outdoors – Suitable for confident walkers

What Facilities are there at Hayburn Wyke?

There are two pay-and-display car parks plus an 18th-century coaching inn. There are no facilities down on or near the beach.

Is there food available?

There is a good selection of food and drinks available at Hayburn Wyke Inn.

Is there parking?

There is parking and charges apply. Maximum charge £5. Payment must be in coins.

Are they dog friendly?

Dogs are permitted, they are also permitted in the inn.

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