How we Prepare for a Family Staycation with our Caravan

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Last Updated on August 10, 2017 by Suzy

Before our 4-year-old boy starts Primary school in September we have a few staycations planned. We are making the most of our summer and enjoying the luxury of time together. We have only been back living in the UK since December 2014.

There is so much of our great nation waiting for us to explore. With plenty to plan for our trips away with our caravan, we need to get it right so we can get the most out of our time together. Time is indeed precious and caravan holidays are the perfect way to make memories. If you click on a link in this piece, we may earn affiliate revenue.

Where to stay with your caravan?

The choice for campers and tourers in the UK is huge. There are large holiday parks with plenty to keep everyone entertained with all day and into the night. Then there are the smaller parks with a few things to do, yet the main emphasis is to get away from it all.

We love a bit of both and try to visit caravan parks at both ends of the spectrum. We sometimes choose according to how much we need to chill out that particular weekend or how much we want to have fun.

One thing we do love from our staycations is to stay near the sea. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of caravanning accompanied by the freedom of a beach. Jamie can spend hours happily playing in the sand. Finding a caravan park near the sea can at times be an overwhelming task. Hopefully, my round-up post should help with that – 30 Great Caravan parks on or very near to a Beach, UK.

How we Prepare for a Family Staycation with our Caravan
We love to stay near a beach.

What to do on your family staycation?

We love a day out. If you haven’t already read my blog you can see that we have already had many different and varied days out this year. So to stay near an interesting and fun tourist attraction is also a must for us. I think Britain is unique in its variety of days out.

From castles to historic houses to theme parks to amusements. And from zoos to farm parks. The UK has it all. Sometimes we will pick an attraction that we want to visit and plan our staycation around that. Other times there may be an event that we would like to stay over nearby to enjoy.

If you’re looking for some really helpful advice on sightseeing, cycling routes, outdoor adventures, where-to-stay ideas, checklists, what to buy and more then look no further than a How to Camping Guide. It’s a great point of call and is essential to help you to get it right.

How we Prepare for a Family Staycation with our Caravan
Often we choose where to stay based on a major event.

My top tips for a family Staycation with a caravan

  • Pack for any eventuality with the weather. If the sun is promised expect rain. If it looks like it might be cold expect it to be hot. The British weather never does what it says it will do. I have learnt how to actually overpack. It can always stay in the car or caravan, if not needed.
  • Plan plan plan. Plan your route carefully. Not all roads are suitable for caravans or cars with tent trailers. Plan a few things to do in the day and plan your meals so you take away the right essentials such as a disposable BBQ or ketchup, I’m always forgetting the ketchup. If you buy disposable BBQs make sure you buy a stand for it so you don’t damage the ground.
  • If you have a caravan set up your toilet with its correct chemicals before you leave. One last thing to do when you get there.
  • Watch a video on how to load your caravan properly before towing. Getting it wrong could invalidate your insurance.
  • Make a list of everything you want to take and check it off on the day.

What to pack?

One thing we spend a lot of time doing before we head off on a caravan holiday is to pack up well. There are so many essentials that I have a checklist that I refer to on the day we pack up (It’s crazy long!). A lot of things such as washing up liquid, soap, cereal, tea, first aid kit and shower gel we have packed up in the caravan already.

Other items we need to remember each time are perishable goods such as supplies for the fridge, clothes and shoes, Jamie’s favourite soft toys, caravan site reservation information, chargers and electrical equipment. Plus drinks, anything we may have run out of, any washed linen and towels and often suntan lotion and insect repellent.

What would we not do without?

Our camping chairs – they are one of the first things that we unpack when we arrive.

Games – We have a large variety of outdoor and indoor games. Outdoors our favourites are Swingball (kids) and a Foot Powered Rocket. Indoors we always have a pack of playing cards and a few games for Jamie.

Beach equipment – We always take our WindbreakPicnic Blanket and Bucket and Spade away with us.

Air bed – This is for Mark for when he’s banished to the awning for snoring too loudly. Rechargeable torch – Essential for any late-night trips to the toilets.
Enamel mug – We used to take porcelain ones away with us but they always had an uncanny knack of flying loose and chipping. Enamel mugs are essential for any camping or caravanning trip. You aren’t truly camping without an Enamel Mug.

Rubber Mallet and tent peg extractor – You have to get those pegs in the ground and you have to be able to get them out again.

First aid kit – An essential part of any holiday but ours especially as Jamie is so accident-prone.

There’s so much to consider buying in for a camping and caravanning trip – I can recommend referring to a website – Where you can find your camping essentials.

How we Prepare for a Family Staycation with our Caravan
Outdoor and indoor games are always top of our list.
How we Prepare for a Family Staycation with our Caravan

Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post. All words, photos, opinions and tips are all my own.

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  1. I have always dreamed of owning a campervan that we could drive anywhere and stay over in. I would even be happy with a static caravan on a site, my auntie had one for many years and all the family used to go and stay there.

  2. Aw I would love to have a caravan – we considered buying a static one a few years ago and were going to rent it out when we weren’t using it but it just seemed like too muh hassle x x

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