Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

You don’t need PhotoPass (memory maker) to meet the Disney characters at any of the Disney theme parks. However we loved it for its ease of use, quality of photos and the memories we now have that will last forever. To read more about Memory Maker please read my post here –  Disney World PhotoPass – Characters & Photo Ops at Animal Kingdom. In this post, I will outline which characters you can meet at Magic Kingdom Disney World and where to find them. Plus I will include a few photos and videos of our meet and greets and photo ops.

Characters you can Meet and Greet at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Jamie did NOT want to meet any Princesses whatsoever at Magic Kingdom. If you have a child who does want to meet Princesses then you will find them at the following locations:

What Princesses are at Magic Kingdom

Fairytale Hall (near Cinderella’s castle) – Here you can expect to find Cinderella, Elena, Princess Tiana and Rapunzel. This would be worth getting a Fastpass (FP) for if you have a child who would be desperate and very happy to go to these meet and greets.

Ariel Fantasyland Ariel’s Grotto next to the Under the sea ride – Again you can get a FP to meet Ariel.

Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy and Minnie Mouse in Pete Silly’s Sideshow Fantasyland over near the train station in a big circus tent – This was a lovely place for a meet and greet as it takes place in a circus-themed big tent. There are two separate queues one for Donald and Goofy and the other for Daisy and Minnie. It is quite popular and there are no FP’s available. We queued for around 25 minutes to meet Donald and Goofy. He did want to meet Minnie and Daisy but we ran out of time. Both meet and greets were very good and Goofy was exceptional. He was so friendly and had everyone laughing at him in the queue.

Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
Meeting Goofy in Fantasyland
Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass
And meeting Donald Duck in Fantasyland

Check out this video of my son meeting Donald Duck at Pete Silly’s Sideshow

and Goofy

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger at the Hundred Acre wood in Fantasyland (right next to the Winnie the Pooh ride, on the left) – There was a LOT of adults in this queue without children. It was a relatively long queue even for 6pm at night, however, we only waited around 20 minutes and it was a meet and greet worth waiting for.

Meeting Winnie and Tigger, Pooh is waving at me! (too cute)

You can watch a video of my son meeting Winnie and Tigger below –

Buzz Lightyear – Tomorrowland in the Exit Courtyard (at the far back of Tomorrowland) – This was one of Jamie’s best meet and greets. Buzz was excellent in so many ways. He may not have talked but he was very welcoming, friendly and fun. I will include a little video below and there are some photos. Jamie is not the worlds biggest Toy Story fan but he absolutely loved meeting Buzz and it’s a meet and greet I’d highly recommend as everyone seemed to be having a great meet and greets with him. The queue was relatively long, however, we didn’t wait for more than 20 minutes and it was worth it.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear – To infinity and beyond

What can you expect for a meet and greet with Buzz – please watch below

Also in Tomorrowland you will find –

Stitch – Tomorrowland opposite the entrance to Monsters Inc Laugher house – Jamie has no idea who Stitch is but he really wanted to meet him. I asked how long the wait was on two different days and both times we were quoted an hour so we never managed to meet him.

Main Street USA Town Square Theatre – Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell. We had a shocking experience in here which, when I come to terms with, I will be writing about. Let’s just say that I was told that Mickey talked here and we queued for over an hour and he didn’t talk. I was fuming to say the least. If this is your only chance to meet Mickey then please get a FP as you won’t want to queue. If it isn’t your only chance then don’t bother! You can also meet Tinker Bell here which I believe you don’t need/can’t get a FP for.

Here’s a video of my son meeting NOT talking Mickey

Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

Other characters you can meet are

Merida (from Brave) Fairytale Garden in Fantasyland

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Adventureland near the Magic Carpet ride

While we were there Peter Pan was showing up as a character to meet over by Peter Pan’s flight. We went along a couple of times but he was never there. He is now no longer on the Disney map! I also can no longer see the Disney villains on the map so they may, or may not, have stopped the meet and greets for them as well.

We also found this rather unattractive (sorry) character over in Liberty Square. We spotted him on more than one occasion.


As well as all the character meet and greets there is an awful lot of additional photo opportunities around the park. There’s at least 30 to look out for. We managed a few but sadly we never seemed to have time for any more which was a shame.

Photo opp over by the entrance
Not our finest PhotoPass photo! – This was taken in front of the Haunted Mansion
This photo opp was in front of Tom Sawyer Island

Photos on Rides

At Disney’s Magic Kingdom you will have your photo taken on Seven Dwarfs mine train and Pirates of the Caribbean. Apologies to the other people in our photos! Mark is making the Seven Dwarfs mine train look a lot more extreme than it really is.

Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

You can’t even see Jamie in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. He was too busy hiding in my arm.

Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass

To find out more about the suitability of the rides for younger children at Magic Kingdom please head on over to Magic Kingdom For Kids, What is there to Do & Best Attractions to Fast Pass. I also have further reading on characters to meet at the other 3 Disney parks – Hollywood Studios Characters, Meet and Greets. Epcot Characters, Meet and Greets and Characters & Photo Op’s at Animal Kingdom. We ate at the Jungle Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom, if you’d like to read my review.

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Want to see more of Magic Kingdom?

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Magic Kingdom Characters | Meet and Greets | Disney PhotoPass