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Indie Bay Snacks are aimed at families, especially as they are healthy. Which is always a bonus in our family. They use alternative flours and superfoods making them vegan, under 100 calories a bag and a great source of protein and fibre. Considering they are under 100 calories a bag we were surprised by how many you get in a bag and just how tasty they are.

The Flavours #snackswithbenefits

Indie Bay pretzel snacks come in 5 different flavours. There’s Smokin’ BBQ, Easy Cheesy, Rock Salt, Superseeds and Cracked Pepper. We have tried four of the five so far and all were great but we really loved the Easy cheesy and Smokin’ BBQ ones. They were more like round crisps than pretzels and I still can’t believe they were only 99 calories. Amazing.

Indie Bay Family Friendly Pretzel Snacks
Indie Bay Family Friendly Pretzel Snacks
Indie Bay Family Friendly Pretzel Snacks

The Indie Bay Ethos

Indie Bay donate with every bag they sell. They are committed to giving back with a focus on healthy eating for kids. Their story began with a trip to the shops to buy snacks for their kids and being frustrated with the choices on offer. They wanted to create something that was healthy and didn’t involve grease or the guilt of eating something that is bad for you. They’ve taken all the best bits of a pretzel and made them into delicious round bites of goodness. They are crunchy and very moreish. You won’t want to share a bag!

Indie Bay Family Friendly Pretzel Snacks

Disclaimer: We were provided with bags to sample and also a month’s supply of Indie Bay snacks (approx. 30 bags) for the purpose of this post.

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