PYO Pumpkins in Lincolnshire Bell’s Gardening Outlet

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Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by Suzy

Bell’s Gardening Outlet has a PYO Pumpkin patch plus other Halloween/Pumpkin activities. It’s located in Benington near Boston in Lincolnshire. The patch is open for the October half-term and usually the weekend before. My son loves pumpkins and was so excited about being able to go choose some to take home.

To avoid disappointment please book your entry on their website (link above).

Planning your Visit to Bell’s Garden Centre

We visited around 1 pm on a Monday and the car park was nearly full. Mum managed to get the last space going. It may be a good idea to visit early morning as they open from 9 am. This place is clearly very popular.

It was very dry when we visited and wellies were not needed. However, if it has been raining you will need wellies for the pumpkin patch. We visited another year after some rain and it was very muddy at Bell’s PYO Pumpkins.

PYO Pumpkins in Lincolnshire + Halloween Activities - Bell's Gardening Outlet
Price List

Hopefully, the information below can help you decide what you want to do. They state that proceeds go to the NSPCC but I’m not sure if they mean just for the fire cannon or for everything. I think they mean the fire canon as it’s a minimum of a £6 donation. I will explain a bit more below about the activities above.

Pumpkin Carving

This activity takes part in a large marque so are ideal activities if the weather isn’t great. The cost of carving a pumpkin is £2.50 plus the price of the pumpkin you want to carve.

PYO Pumpkins in Lincolnshire + Halloween Activities - Bell's Gardening Outlet
Face Painting and Pumpkin Carving

Maize Maze

You can explore the maize maze which is included in your entry price. It looked big but we’ve already been in a maize maze this year so we were a little reluctant to do it again. Especially as all Jamie really wanted to do was pick some pumpkins.

Maize Maze

Bounce and Climb

Your kids are allowed to climb on the haystacks and jump on the pumpkin bouncy castle as much as they want. This again is included in the entry price.

Bounce and Climb

Fire Cannon

For a minimum of £6, with proceeds going to charity, you can have a pumpkin fired out of a canon directed by yourself. The canon is huge and makes a really loud noise as the pumpkins whoosh out of the end. See if you can hit the target! It’s a very long way away. This was lots of fun to watch, especially as they smashed at the other end.

Pumpkin Fire Canon

PYO Pumpkin Patch

We were a little disappointed by the quality of the pumpkins still in the field. They had crates and displays full of lovely-looking pumpkins. But what was in the pumpkin patch looked more like the pumpkins no one would ever love. It wasn’t really my idea of going pumpkin picking. My son still loved it though and was picking up lots of pumpkins to give them a cuddle. For me, I’d prefer their nice pumpkins to even just be put back in the field loose.

PYO Pumpkin Patch
Jamie found a nice pumpkin in the patch

Photo Opportunities at Bell’s Pumpkin Patch

They have quite a few photo opportunities set up at Bell’s. There’s a lovely area with pumpkins near the activity tent. They also have an oversized chair in the pumpkin patch and an old tractor the kids can sit on where they are selling all the different varieties of pumpkins.

Bell’s Photo Opportunities
You can sit on the tractor for a photo opp

What else is there at Bell’s Pumpkin Patch Near Boston?

Other activities included in your ticket are cheek art, ride on pedal tractors, an assault course, potato catapults, circus skills, tug of war and more.

Giant Pumpkins (well aside from the one Jamie has)

Bell’s also has a Halloween shop near the exit. This is also where you pay for any pumpkins you want to buy from them. They have a small café area here and a display with a button that you can press to activate a talking pumpkin.

Talking Pumpkin Display

Plus there are lots of displays packed full of pumpkins. All pumpkins are for sale so you can take your pick. As well as the classic orange pumpkin they also stock a huge variety of unusual and different pumpkins which was interesting to see.

Some of the lovely pumpkins
Oooooo lovely pumpkins

They have also provided a wash station for your pumpkins and wellies in case you don’t want to take them home dirty. Additional activities that have an additional charge are a Tractor Ride (Weather dependant) – £3 each and Funfair tokens – £3 each or 4 for £10.

Tickets start from £6 per person.

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