6 Best Cruise Destinations with 5 Great Reasons to Cruise

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Cruising is a great way to visit a great variety of places within one holiday. Perhaps there are a number of cities or attractions that you’ve dreamed of visiting on a short break. Then it’s more than likely that a cruise can take you there. You really can do as little or as much as you like. Most cruise liners are packed full of onboard facilities and activities. Plus when it’s a dock day there will be excursions either included in your package or optional extras that you can book on.

6 Best Cruise Destinations with 5 Great Reasons to Cruise

Great reason to take a cruise #1

It’s so convenient. One of the most annoying things about a multi-centre holiday is having to pack and unpack. We visited Sri Lanka a few years ago and stayed at 9 different hotels so that we could explore the island properly. It soon became very frustrating having to pack and unpack or simply leave everything in the case and waste time digging around for something.

With a cruise, your clothes are all unpacked for the duration yet you are still visiting new places. You also don’t need to worry about finding your way somewhere as the cruise liner will take you to your next destination and then have trips lined up for the major attractions.

Great reason to take a cruise #2

The variety! One thing you can never be on a cruise is bored. There’s so much on for adults and children. Not just on land but on the boat as well. If you want to partake in something the kids don’t then there’s usually a kids club on board running a great variety of activities for them. The kids can make new friends and there are plenty of opportunities to try out new things and learn new skills.

Great reason to take a cruise #3

The food! Going on a cruise is a fabulous way of trying new and varied foods. Most ships will have not only buffet restaurants but some pretty top-notch restaurants to try as well. Most of this will be included in your package. There’s also a good choice of dining hours available and with food available pretty much all day there will never be an issue feeding everyone. Every taste and budget is catered for.

6 Best Cruise Destinations with 5 Great Reasons to Cruise

Reason to take a cruise #4

Comfort. Instead of having to take a bus or drive to a destination every day you can simply head back to the boat and relax right away on board. There’s no wasting time travelling back to your hotel. If you are visiting different countries you won’t need to take a train or fly on an aeroplane, instead, you can simply relax with all the wonderful onboard facilities.

Reason to take a cruise #5

The view. There is nothing quite like the view of the sea. We moved to the sea because you really never can get enough of it. It changes with the weather, the sun and the evening sky. With no towns or cities to give off an evening glow of lights, you can simply relax and admire the millions of stars in the sky. If you’ve chosen a cruise in Scandinavia it’s also a great place to view the Northern lights. There’s no experience to match it.

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #1

NorwayThe fjords in Norway are perfect for cruising. The scenery could quite possibly be the most stunning that you can ever experience on a cruise. The fjords have wonderful backdrops of waterfalls, mountains and picturesque mountain villages. A cruise in Norway is also a wonderful opportunity to spot wildlife such as puffins, porpoises, whales and seals.

6 Best Cruise Destinations with 5 Great Reasons to Cruise

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #2

The Mediterranean – A Mediterranean Cruise can encompass so many wonderful countries without the cruise ship having to travel too far from day to day. There’s Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia and more. Croatia boasts a stunning coastline with incredible views. In France, you can sample some wonderful cuisine or visit some wonderful towns by the sea on the Cote D’Azur. A cruise around Greece is a great introduction to all the pretty islands filled with historical sights and white-washed villages.

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #3

North America – A cruise to North America can allow you to visit some of the most exciting tourist destinations such as New York or Florida. A cruise to North America can also take you to Alaska or Canada where you can discover breathtaking scenery and maybe spot a brown bear or a whale. You might even get to meet a husky on go on a toboggan run. Boston is a great place to visit for plenty of American history. Hawaii is full of some of Earth’s most diverse and stunning landscapes such as volcanoes, lush rainforests and the possibility of swimming with turtles.

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #4

The Caribbean – If stunning blue seas and white sandy beaches are your thing then a cruise to the Caribbean is a must. You can explore so many different islands with the convenience of a big ship. It’s also the destination for pretty much guaranteed sun and all-round fabulous weather.  You can explore caves, canyons, rock pools and volcanoes. The landscape is truly diverse. The Caribbean is also a great place to try out new activities such as diving, plunging into a hot spring and water sports activities such as jet ski-ing.

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #5

The Danube The Danube is the heart and soul of central Europe. It boasts gentle waters with spectacular scenery including monasteries and elegant cities. The river flows through many famous cities such as Strasbourg, Vienna and Budapest which are packed full of Baroque and medieval architecture. The Danube is more than 1700 miles long starting in the black forest of Germany and finishing in the black sea in Eastern Europe.

6 Best Cruise Destinations with 5 Great Reasons to Cruise

Top holiday destination to take a cruise holiday to #6

Australia – Australia is vast and while the coastline is just a small portion of this great country it does boast some of the best places to visit from a cruise ship. There’s the iconic Opera House in Sydney, plus the Gold Coast with plenty of tourist attractions, golden beaches and rainforests full of rare birds. Australia is also home to the Great Barrier Reef.

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