LEGO House Billund Denmark Review

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Did you know that Denmark is the home of LEGO? It was first invented in Billund in 1932 and it is still owned today by the same family. The name LEGO is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt” which means “play well”. Many LEGO sets are still made today in Billund. We were in Denmark visiting LEGOLAND Billund and I’d been recommended that we find the time to visit the LEGO House.

We were travelling that morning from Copenhagen to Billund which took around 3 hours. If you are just visiting LEGOLAND you can fly into Billund airport. I would recommend setting aside a full day for visiting LEGO House. We were there from 12 pm until 4:30 pm and we didn’t get to do everything. This place is certainly every LEGO fan’s dream attraction but it’s also great for those who have never owned a LEGO set. Who knows you may even leave with purchasing a set from their massive LEGO shop.

LEGO House Denmark Review
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LEGO House Billund Things to do

We parked a 2-minute walk away and as soon as we arrived we needed to eat so it was tough avoiding all the distractions. Even the main entrance hall is full of things to see. There were a number of larger LEGO sculptures like the one below plus some smaller sets in cabinets to gaze at. There is a cafe on-site or you can prebook a table in their Mini Chef restaurant.

The Mini Chef restaurant sounds great fun. Basically, you play to get your food. You build your meal with LEGO bricks before robots serve it to you. (don’t worry you don’t eat the bricks)

You must pre-book your entry time slot online. When you arrive there are then a series of machines and you need to visit one of them to scan your ticket. The machine then provides you with your wristbands for the day. These are very clever and not only do they let you in but they let you store photos and the results of different tasks you will do during your visit. It was so clever!

LEGO House Denmark Review

LEGO House has been billed as the Ultimate LEGO experience. You know what? They’re not wrong. There is just so much to see and there are so many different activities you can take part in. We felt really quite lost at times but you eventually get your bearings.

We started by climbing the stairs with a huge LEGO tree climbing up through the middle. Our visit started amongst some huge LEGO sculptures plus cabinets of creations by famous LEGO creators. We already had tasks to undertake in this room where you take a selfie of yourself that is then displayed as virtual LEGO on a screen.

LEGO House is suitable for all ages from young children through to adults. It is a great place for children to learn to be more creative with bricks.

LEGO House Denmark Review

From this room, we could look down over the main display gallery that was full of LEGO city displays. One word, Wow! These displays were incredibly intricate, awe-inspiring and amazing to look at. We wished we’d had more time to stand and take them all in.

LEGO House Denmark Review

Every few minutes the lights go down and the LEGO city turns to night.

LEGO House Denmark Review

Just look at all the detail!

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

In here we spotted people queuing for another of the experiences. This was our own chance to create a stop-start animation LEGO movie of our very own. You are given a quick briefing by one of the staff and it’s then up to you to move figures, cars and more around the scene in your own booth.

As you move items each time you have to take a photo using one of their cameras. Once your time is up (it goes quite quickly so move your pieces as quickly as you can) your photos are played as a time-lapse video. This was also saved to our wristband and at the end of our visit, this was collated into a video we can rewatch.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

Other experiences here included designing our own unique LEGO Minifigure using a huge range of body parts. You could then take a photo of it which they put together on screen as a front cover of a magazine.

Next, we moved into the Yellow Zone. There are four different coloured zones at LEGO House. In here we created a character on a small grey LEGO board. Once we had created our masterpiece you move over to the main console where you place your character in a slot. The computer then scans it and brings it to life on a big screen in front of you. It then dances around and once the next person’s character has been scanned they dance together. Once finished you can display your character on a wall.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

Also in this zone, we could build a LEGO flower and plant it in a virtual meadow. Plus we designed a flat sea creature that again we scanned into a computer. Once scanned the sea creature came to life on a big screen and it swam around with lots of other sea creatures which have been created that day. If you wish to you can also display your LEGO sea creature on a display wall.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

Next came the Blue Zone, this was my favourite area in the LEGO house. We had to build our own architectural structure such as a tower, a house etc on a small section of LEGO. Once made you then place it on one of the blank squares which you can see below. The table would then come to life either by building a road, planting flowers or joining it with something else nearby. This was mind-blowingly clever.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

Next came my favourite activity. Like the LEGO movie area, you have to queue to wait your turn. In all the other areas it was pretty much free-play. They let a number of people in each turn and the idea is that you control a robot in front of you using coding.

The aim of the game is to move your robot around, get it to plant a seed, water it and watch it grow. There are then animated bees flying around that will come and collect pollen. This then fills up your gauge and the more pollen you collect the better. What a great teaching age for kids. My 9-year-old is great at coding and had he not been I think he may have struggled a little with this task. It is definitely more for older children (and adults). Adults can have their own robot if they wish.

Also in the blue zone, you can build your own race car and race it down their ramps.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

The final zone we came to was the Red Zone. Here you could create your own masterpiece to add to a giant waterfall of LEGO bricks. There was also a DUPLO play area for younger children.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

Downstairs in the basement, there is also a LEGO exhibition. This is really interesting. It takes you on a full history tour of LEGO from its creation right through to the sets of today. This area is full of nostalgia and it was a shame we’d run out of time by now.

LEGO House Denmark Things to do

As we were there to play with LEGO we really didn’t have any spare time so we didn’t venture outdoors. When you walk around the different creative areas there are also access doors onto a number of terraces. On the terraces, you will find nine creative playgrounds for children of all ages. There is a sunken submarine, a camel swing and more.

LEGO House Billund Tickets 

  • Tickets must be purchased online to secure your slot
  • Tickets to LEGO House cost 299 DKK per person (approx £34.50)
  • Children under the age of 3 are free.

Where is LEGO House Denmark

LEGO House is located in the centre of Billund in Denmark. It is situated a short drive from Billund airport. There is charged parking a 2-minute walk away. Or you can park a 15-minute walk away for free. All details can be found on the website. Billund is an easy town to drive around.

Important Information

  • You can enter and exit the Experience zones throughout the day and stay until it closes.
  • Reservations in the MINI CHEF restaurant must be booked separately.
  • You can easily spend all day here
  • We recommend the LEGO House for all ages
  • You can purchase a combi ticket for LEGO House and LEGOLAND Billund
  • Address – The NEC Hall 10. North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT

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