Perfect Family Break to Prague

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Are you looking for that perfect family break? Well, you can sure enjoy it in Prague! After all, a holiday in the Czech Republic with your family means exploring the fairy-tale atmosphere of the city. Plus, those parks full of activities, interactive museums and an abundance of sweet treats are sure to keep the whole family happy.

So, if you are looking for a memorable and happy break for the whole family, simply plan a trip to Prague. Prague looks as if it has been designed for family breaks. With loads of attractions, the mostly traffic-free city is easy to navigate with kids. Plan a holiday in summer as this is the best time to enjoy a holiday as the weather is perfect and one can enjoy open-air boat rides and parks.

Here is how to have that perfect holiday with your family in Prague.

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Prague Castle

The castle is the biggest in the world, and its vaulted walls are sure to fuel the imagination of any child. The change of those stern-looking guards every hour is an added attraction. Explore the old-fashioned Toy Museum that lies within the castle, and it is a thrilling experience for the little ones.

Perfect Family Break to Prague

Charles Bridge

Head for this famous bridge that is perfect for taking some pictures and enjoying the overviews of the city and the river. Some local artists and musicians offer plenty of entertainment. There is no denying that the bridge is both glamorous and beautiful.

Perfect Family Break to Prague

Old Town Square

Another exciting spot to browse in Prague is the Old Town Square, and the highlight of the place is the astronomical clock. At every strike of an hour, the mechanical figurines of the clock come out to parade. It is indeed one of the most beautiful squares in Prague. Some other attractions of the Square include the Church of St. Nicholas and Týn Cathedral plus those colourful houses that lend a unique atmosphere to this place.

Great food

When it comes to food, Prague will not disappoint the families who are here with their children. Most of the restaurants are child-friendly and serve kid-friendly menus. There are play areas for the children and baby-changing tables. It is a good idea to opt for the Withlocals food tour in Prague to learn about the top food joints and the favourite delicacies they serve.

Obecni Dum

Another interesting spot is the over-the-top decadent Obecni Dum which is a wildly outrageous temple of Art Nouveau. Explore the ground floor where you will come across a busy market and cafes. The building is an old one and was built in the early 20th century and boasts several French and Pilsner restaurants and its interiors are decorated by leading artists.

River Vltava

A boat ride on River Vltava is a must, and it offers one a different perspective of the city from different angles. You can row the boat and enjoy the scenic views along. So, take a relaxing boat ride, and one can go on the smaller boats that can enter the canals.  It is a great way to see the city and unwind with your family.

Kampa Island

Children are going to love this well-kept playground that is vast and green., The playground is perfect for spending an afternoon, playing games and enjoying a picnic.

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is indeed one of the best in Europe and children just love watching their favourite animals which are kept in spacious enclosures. You must take the kids to the traditional farmyard where they can pet the smaller animals and even feed them.

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