Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Rides

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Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark is centrally located in the city and is very easy to get to. When we first realised where it was located we couldn’t believe it. It literally is right in the heart of the city amongst shops and restaurants. Tivoli Gardens is surrounded by a large and very high wall and once inside you don’t feel like you are in a city at all and the size of it is actually quite surprising.

The theme park has been open since 1843 and it is the world’s second-oldest amusement park. Today Tivoli Gardens retains much of its original charm and there is plenty of rides and other things to do there for all ages.

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Tivoli Gardens Copehagen

All the Rides at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark

Thrill Rides at Tivoli Gardens

  1. The Demon – Minimum Height 132cm

This wild ride features three amazing loops and reaches 28 metres at its highest point.

2. Aquila – Minimum Height 120cm

The ride is a neck-breaking experience. Step aboard the giant eagles and feel the centrifugal forces of 4G being unleashed. From 11 metres high you will see the world upside down.

3. The Golden Tower – Minimum Height 132cm

Not for the faint-hearted. Feel the surge under your shirt and the wind in your hair with a fantastic view over the city. At 63 metres high it is one of the highest rides in Tivoli. The ride will plunge you upwards and then downwards at great speed and height.

4. The Monsoon – Minimum Height 140cm

The Monsoon lifts you up in its mighty arms and sends you 12 metres up in the air, first one way and then the other.

5. Tik Tak – Minimum Height 140cm

Tik Tak is a time trip where you are suspended and thrown through time. With guaranteed doses of vertigo when the big clockwork, compass and hourglass are set in motion. This ride goes upside down.

Family Rides at Tivoli Gardens with some restrictions

1. The Little Dragon – Minimum age 3 years old

Let the younger children take to the sky in an interactive flying carousel. You control the height up to 4 metres.

2. Fatamorgana – Family Ride or Wild Ride

This ride has two different options. There is a family ride with a minimum height of 120cm. The ride is a 45-metre-tall tower. At the bottom of the ride, there are mini bumper cars for children aged 5+. In the softer version, you are seated in gondolas for two people who resemble wild animals. The experience is at a more moderate pace.

The wild ride is a fast version where guests are seated in a ring with their back towards the centre and are slung around while being propelled to 2.5G-force. At the same time, the whole structure with four arms rotates around the tower. The minimum height for the thrill ride is 140cm.

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Rides

3. The Roller Coaster – Minimum height 120cm

This was without a doubt our favourite ride. So good we went on it three times! This is one of the oldest running wooden roller coasters in the world. It was built in 1914 and they have a member of staff on the ride who controls the breaking.

4. The Swing Carousel – Minimum height 106cm – younger children must be accompanied

The Swing Carousel is a popular and classic ride. Feel the rush of wind on your cheeks as you swing around on the chairs.

5. The Galley Ships – Minimum height 90cm – 90-120cm must be accompanied by some aged 14+

Do you want to sail like a pirate? This ride is for slightly bigger children who like it when things speed up.

6. The Star Flyer – Minimum height of 120cm. Children between 120-40cm must be accompanied

The Star Flyer is a combination of a high-view attraction and a classic swing carousel both with the thrill of excitement and the sensation of flying.

7. The Camel Trail – Minimum height of 100cm. Children between 100-120cm must be accompanied

It’s all go when you set off on the Camel Trail. So hold tight and go with the flow – it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

8. The Milky Way Express – Minimum height of 100cm. Children between 100-130cm must be accompanied

The Milky Way Express is the new and improved version of the popular ride, the Odin Express. Onboard you will feel the rush as you enjoy the view of the Gardens at a height of 17 metres. An intergalactic experience for slightly older children and other childish souls.

9. The Bumper Cars – Minimum height 110cm. Children between 100-130cm must be accompanied

The cars are a hybrid between cars and wild buffalo. The set design is inspired by the American art-deco style of the 1920s.

10. The Temple Tower – Minimum height of 90cm. Smaller children must be accompanied

The ride where the youngest have to pull themselves up to the top. Are you strong enough?

Family Rides at Tivoli Gardens with no minimum age

  1. The Ferris Wheel – Anyone can ride – Children under 6 years are only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

A favourite with young and old. Feel the rush of excitement as you ride to the top with a fantastic view over Tivoli and Copenhagen.

2. The Flying Trunk – All ages, Under 130cm only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

Let yourself be enthralled by 32 fairytale scenes set in a newly designed entrance, scenography, lighting and music.

3. The Dragon Boats – All ages, Under 8 years are only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

The Dragon boats are a Tivoli classic and are perfect for children and grown-ups alike.

4. The Classic Carousel – Children aged under 3 are only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

The Classic Carousel is probably one of the rides that most people look back on as one of their earliest Tivoli memories. You can choose between tall or low animals so all ages will love it.

5. The Lighthouse – All ages. Between 90-120cm admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

Rasmus Klump’s World is where you will find the world’s first Rasmus Klump ride, the Lighthouse. It has six boats shaped like prehistoric animals designed for children who like a bit of a thrill but don’t want it to get too wild.

6. The Mine – All ages, Children under 8 are only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

Your journey through the land of the Grotes has begun. You must take care not to get wet and watch out for the dragon. The aim of the ride is to try and score the most points.

7. The Music Carousel – All ages, Children under 3 are only admitted with a paying companion aged 14+

It’s a traditional ‘old-fashioned’ carousel that thrills the children and brings back fond memories for the grown-ups.

8. The Panda – No minimum height is required when accompanied by a paying companion aged 14+

The little ones must not be left out. See Tivoli from a bit higher up. The Panda is the equivalent of the Golden Tower for the youngest. You are lifted up and then dropped down again and again.

9. The Star Tower – All ages, Under 105cm must be accompanied

8 metres above the ground they will take you on a fantasy journey to space.

10. The Vintage Cars – All ages, Under 3 years must be accompanied

The little ones love being in control of the old cars.

Other Things to do at Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Other things to do

Although there aren’t gardens as such as Tivoli there are certainly some picturesque spaces to see as you are walking around. The whole park is very well maintained.

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Other things to do

There is a Fun House which is a different and challenging playground for everyone. It has weird staircases, treadmills, rope bridges and slides. Suitable for everyone and under 6s must be accompanied.

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Other things to do

The Trolley Car has been running since 1969 and this is a great way for families to see the park without having to walk around.

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Other things to do

Tivoli Gardens also has an aquarium, although it is very small as there is just one large tank.

Tivoli Gardens Copehagen Other things to do

Is Tivoli Gardens Worth Visiting

Yes! We loved our day at Tivoli. It is expensive but theme parks tend to be a higher-priced day out. Let’s face it they have a lot of running costs. The wooden roller coaster is so unique and not only that it’s great fun to ride. The park itself is lovely and clean and well maintained and there is a great mix of rides for young and old. Plus it is conveniently located in the centre of Copenhagen. If you are staying in Copenhagen it would be a real shame not to visit.

Tivoli Gardens Entrance Fee 

  • There is a price to enter Tivoli Gardens which costs from 155 DKK for ages 8+ (approx £18). Ages 3-7 years from 70 DKK (approx £8)
  • You can then either purchase a Ride Pass which includes all the rides. This costs 259 DKK per person (approx £30). Younger children are 169 DKK (approx £19.50).
  • Or you can pay to go on rides separately. A ride pass is better value for money.
  • You can visit Tivoli Gardens with a Copenhagen Card. This allows you free entry but you must purchase a ride pass/tickets.

Tivoli Gardens Important Information 

  • You can also purchase a ticket for the rides which includes a photo pass
  • There are a number of places you can purchase food and drinks at Tivoli including a food court
  • Tivoli is open from Spring until late Summer. Most days it is open from 11 am until 11 pm.
  • Tivoli is also open for Halloween and over Christmas.
  • You can purchase discounted parking on their website.
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