Top 10 Bucket List Things To Do Maldives

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Last Updated on August 22, 2018 by Suzy

The Maldives is a true bucket-list destination. With stunning golden and white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. Here is my Top 10 bucket list for things to see and do on a Maldives holiday. Why not give it a go ticking off all 10?

1. Go Snorkeling

Snorkelling in the Maldives is perfect for families. Even children who aren’t strong swimmers can partake as they can be floated on the water using life vests. They will just need an understanding of how to breathe with a snorkel on. Many of the waters are relatively shallow which is a big bonus for smaller people. Most of the islands in the Maldives are surrounded by coral and beautiful blue waters. Snorkelling in the Maldives is said to be the best in the world. The temperature of the water remains warm for all of the year ranging between 20oC and up to 32oC.

You can expect to see more sea creatures than I could ever begin to mention here. The main ones worth noting are dolphins, turtles, rays and reef sharks.

Top 10 Bucket List Things To Do Maldives

2. Stay in an Over Water Bungalow

Overwater bungalows are always top of my thoughts when I think of the Maldives. They are a must for a bucket list however it may be one for when you have older kids. A lot of resorts don’t allow younger children to stay on overwater bungalows. However, some do and you just have to sign a waiver to say that you take full responsibility for your kids etc. So to stay safe it may be better to wait until your kids are strong swimmers.

But how can you resist such amazing and unique accommodation? Imagine the sound of the sea lapping at the base of your water bungalow. You can take a swim whenever you fancy and stay in relative privacy. You might even be lucky to book one with a glass-bottom bathtub.

Top 10 Bucket List Things To Do Maldives

3. Enjoy a Boat Tour

There is a never-ending choice of boat charters and cruises that you can take during a holiday in the Maldives. Some tours focus on island hopping, others on dolphin spotting or even whales. Some allow you to stop and snorkel the waters, go scuba diving or enjoy other water sports. No holiday to the Maldives can pass by without a boat tour.

4. Spot some Dolphins – Swim with Dolphins

As well as dolphin boat tours, as mentioned above, you could also take the opportunity to swim with dolphins. No boat tour will be able to guarantee that you will spot a dolphin or indeed swim with them but they know the waters and they will try their best to find them for you.

I have had swimming with dolphins on my bucket list for so long now. It’s something I could have done by now with ‘captive’ dolphins. However, I have opted not to and the only option I will ever take is to swim with dolphins in the wild. It is possible and it is far better for the dolphins to be in their own environment. You may even get lucky and swim with some manta rays as well. You could even get really lucky and end up swimming with a large pod of dolphins.

5. Go Island Hopping

You will never be able to visit all the islands in the Maldives. There are almost 1,200 coral islands including 200 inhabited islands and at least 80 resort islands. You can choose to visit islands with life or ones with no life on them at all. The choice of islands to stop off at is literally endless. To visit the Maldives and to not go island hopping would be a crime.

You don’t even have to go by boat to island hop. Many islands have seaplanes that can transport you from one island to another. In the past tourists could only visit and stay at resorts. Now after a relatively recent initiative, non-resort islands can accept guests. This means that you really can explore the true Maldives.

6. Take part in Water Sports

Water sports are more for the older child but there is no stopping adults from having this activity on their Maldives bucket list. There are so many different sporting activities to join in the Maldives. From stand-up paddleboarding to tubing, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing and so much more. Most resorts offer a good range of water sports (mostly at an additional cost).

7. Take a Scenic Flight

As previously mentioned there are many seaplanes that can get you from island to island. Not only are these a great way to enjoy scenic views of the islands but there are also companies that run tourist scenic flights. This is certainly a pretty unique inclusion for your bucket list. Imagine the thrill of taking off and landing in the water. It could be the most beautiful flight you will ever take in your life. Plus if you are a nervous flyer the planes fly too low for any turbulence. You will be so taken aback by the views you won’t have time to worry about being on a plane.

Top 10 Bucket List Things To Do Maldives

8. Relax on a beautiful golden beach

The sand in the Maldives is as golden as it comes. You really are in paradise. The Maldives boasts some of the best beaches in the world. Some of the best are on the tiny island of Reethi Rah. Think golden sand, turquoise clear sea, tall palm trees and hammocks swaying in the breeze. It has to be seen to be believed. Angsana Ihuru Island has some of the best-preserved reefs of the Maldives which not only means the sea is a stunning colour but so is the contrasting sand.

Veligandu Island Beach currently ranks as the best beach in the Maldives on Trip Advisor. With beautiful stretches of white sand and clear waters that mean you can even spot stingrays and reef sharks from the shoreline. There are no rocks on this beach so it’s perfect for taking a barefoot stroll.

9. Swim on a Sandbank

In the Maldives, you can simply walk out in shallow waters over to a sandbank. Some resorts even offer dining on a sandbank. Because the waters surrounding islands with nearby sandbanks are so shallow it’s a perfect place for families to go for a swim. Some of the best sandbanks can be found at Kuramathi, Kuredu Island, Veligandu and Sun Island. Being on a sandbank out in the ocean can be a surreal experience and one that should be on everyone’s Maldives bucket list.

10. Visit A Mosque

Malé the Capital of the Maldives is well known for its beautiful mosques located across the City. Many of these mosques can be visited by a tourist. A lot of them have organised tours which can take you to a few of these mosques in one day. Hukuru Miskiiy (Friday Mosque) is the oldest Mosque in the Maldives.

Hukuru Miskiiy was built in 1658. It has detailed lacquerwork and intricate woodcarvings. The walls inside and outside are covered in carved Arabic writing and other designs. The exterior is surrounded by coral stone gravestones from the 17th Century. The Hukuru Miskiiy is a must-see, along with other mosques of notable interest.

Please note: The Maldives is a Muslim nation which means that they don’t drink alcohol. This also means that unless you are staying at a resort that sells alcohol you won’t be able to buy it anywhere else. Most boats are also allowed to sell and serve alcohol when they are at sea.

Disclosure: This post may contain compensated links. All words are my own. Photos are courtesy of Pixabay.

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