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If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, then a camping trip out in the open is exactly what the doctor ordered. Once you are out there, you will be able to relax and breathe some fresh air, something that you are not able to do in the city.

Individual adult campers have the luxury of heading out to camp with very minimal preparation as they can easily fend for themselves but things get a little bit complicated and challenging when there are children to be considered.

Young kids can learn a lot from a trip to a camping ground such as how to conserve the environment, and this is one of the reasons why parents should get the kids integrated into the camping culture early.

Before you head out to camp with your children, there are a few things that you need to do and a few items that you should carry with you so as to make your stay outdoors comfortable and memorable.

This family camping checklist will highlight what some of these items are and the other things that you need to do so as to make sure that everything goes out as planned.

Family Camping Checklist – Guest Post
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The Family Camping Checklist | Ultimate Essentials Packing List

What to include in the family camping checklist

A family camping checklist is very important if you want your kids to enjoy their time outdoors. Kids have a lot of requirements when they are away from home and it is only with a checklist that you will be able to make sure that they have everything that they need to make their stay outdoors comfortable.

The failure to use a checklist may cause you to forget important items for your kids’ well-being such as their medication or critical parts for setting up a tent and this will bring about a lot of frustrations. It may even force you to cancel your trip and how disappointing could that be.

To avoid all these, family campers must always use a checklist to prepare for camp and this article will highlight some of the things that are important in this regard.

The campsite setup checklist

The campsite gear checklist is a critical part of your camping preparation. This list includes all the things that you need for setting up your tent and securing it to the ground. The items include:

·         A Tent – Yes you need a tent, one for sheltering you and your kids from the elements. The size of the tent that you should get will depend on the number of people that are to be accommodated within it
·         A Tent/Carpet Rug – I’m sure you don’t want to be lying on the bare ground and that is why you need a tent carpet. Make sure that the carpet covers all areas of the tent so as to make the tent comfortable
·         Tent pegs – for securing the tent to the ground
·         Camping Mallet – for driving the pegs deep into the ground
·         Camping Windbreak – to reduce the impact of strong winds
·         Door Mat – for the entrance

The campsite sleeping checklist

If you will be spending several nights under the stars, then you need to make the right sleeping arrangements. For this, you will need:

·         Sleeping Bag for everyone at camp
·         Camping Pillow for added comfort when sleeping at night
·         An extra Thermal Blanket especially for the little ones. It can get too cold outside and you need an extra blanket to keep your kids warm at night
·         Airbed
·         An air pump to inflate the air bed
·         A repair kit for the bed just in case it gets damaged out there at camp

The camping furniture checklist

You also need some furniture to make your stay at camp comfortable and for this, you will need:

·         Camping Chairs – You will need somewhere to sit after a tiring day engaging in camping activities
·         A Folding Table that you can easily carry around the campsite
·         Storage Unit for keeping your items safe

The meal preparation checklist

Kids are hungry all the time and if you plan on going with them to camp, then you will need a proper meal preparation plan. The items that you will need to cook meals at the campsite include:
·         Cutlery Set
·         Cooking Pots
·         Camping Utensils such as knives and spoons
·         Camping Stove and Gas
·         A match and a lighter
·         Plates and Bowls
·         Cooking oil
·         Food containers
·         Kitchen foil
·         Water Carrier
·         Vegetable peeler
·         Mugs and cups
·         Food spices and seasoning

Camping clothing checklist

You should also make sure that you have enough clothes when you are out there. Your clothes will keep you warm when it is cold outside and that is why you should carry enough of them especially when you are traveling with kids. Some of the things that you should carry include:

·         Boots/shoes
·         Pyjamas for the kids
·         Rain gear
·         Jumpers
·         Socks and underwear
·         Sun hats
·         Swimming kits
·         Shorts
·         T-shirts
·         Shower shoes

Entertainment checklist

You need to keep the children entertained when they are out there or they will get restless. For this, you will need:

·         A camera with a battery and memory stick
·         Books and magazines
·         Card games and children’s toys
·         A laptop and its charger
·         Kid’s bikes and helmets
·         A Radio
·         Compass/GPS

Personal items/useful camping equipment checklist

Camping is not all fun and games as accidents can happen and for this, you need to be prepared for emergencies and other negative occurrences such as getting lost. You should, therefore, arm yourself with these items to be on the safe side:

·         A Torch/Lantern
·         First Aid Kid
·         Fire Extinguisher
·         Insect repellent
·         Water filters and purification systems
·         Tape
·         Safety pins
·         Camping Scissors
·         A map
·         Binoculars
·         Personal medication
·         Sunscreen
·         A razor
·         Tissues


Camping is fun and enjoyable but it gets a little complicated when there are kids in the picture. A family camping checklist will make sure that you get all the things that you need to make your stay comfortable and your camping memorable. Read this piece to understand some of the things that you should take with you when camping as a family.

The Family Camping Checklist | Ultimate Essentials Packing List

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