The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley

We loved attending the Snowman at Hull City Hall last year. So when we were invited to attend again we jumped at the chance to see it at Beverley Minster in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I have visited Beverley Minster a few times in my life and it’s such a wonderful gem in a surprisingly small place. I couldn’t think of a better magical setting for it in Yorkshire. If you didn’t catch the live Orchestra performing this year then why not keep an eye out over on Carrot Productions website for details of a Christmas Snowman tour in 2019.

Beverley Minster – The Snowman

If you are visiting Beverley Minster I can highly recommend parking in the Flemingate multi storey car park (over 500 spaces). It was only built a few years ago and there’s plenty of shops, restaurants and there’s even a cinema and Inflatanation (indoor inflatable fun). It’s just a few minutes walk away and we only paid £1 for 3 hours parking. Which is incredibly cheap! There were no toilets in the Minster itself but there were a few heated ones over the road from the main entrance to the Minster.

The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley
Arriving at Beverley Minster

Inside Beverley Minster

There was somewhere to buy refreshments, especially for the performance. They had wonderful mulled wine, snack and drink bags for the kids and a few other options at reasonable prices. If you want to buy your children a souvenir they had a really good range of products including programmes, soft snowmen and snowmen fairy lights.

They had a very long section of seats going down the centre aisle. From these seats, you could see the live Orchestra and the main screen where they play the films that accompany the music. The two aisles either side only had a view of a screen and not the Orchestra. The acoustics in Beverley Minster were wonderful and the orchestra could easily be heard throughout.

The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley

Review of the Snowman tour performance at Beverley Minster

The performance was an hour long at Beverley Minster. There were restrictions in place by the Minster so they could not have an interval. To be honest this suited us just fine and the hour for the performance was a perfect length of time for many of the smaller members of the audience. Before the start, they played pictures of drawings, on the big screen, done by some of the audience in advance of the performance. Children are encouraged to draw a picture of The Snowman and to email it to be shown on the big screen beforehand.

Our tickets said 4pm and they did actually start on time. A few minutes before this the Orchestra took their seats and warmed up their instruments which my son found very interesting. The conductor then arrived and the performance began with some festive favourites such as Jingle Bells. My son couldn’t help but tap his foot along with the music. The sounds were just wonderful and filled the Minster with festive cheer.

The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley
Warming Up

The double bass player then told a story about getting stuck in the snow and how his friends from the Orchestra join him in getting through the snow to their performance at Durham Cathedral. It was told really well with many of the sound effects coming from the live instruments being played. It was also told via a series of drawn images on the big screen.

The Bear and the Piano

After the above came the live performance of the Bear and the Piano. If you are not familiar with the story it is the tale of a bear who finds a piano in the woods. He practices every day for years from a young cub to a large adult bear. His playing is so good but he only ever gets to play for his bear friends in the forest. Then one day he heads to the big lights, big City where he becomes famous for his wonderful piano playing. Over time he tires of the fame and just wants to get back to his friends in the forest, which he eventually does. It’s a sweet story and it was well animated with drawings of the big screen. The live music that accompanied was a perfect fit for the story.

The Bear and the Piano performance
The Bear and the Piano performance

The Snowman Waltz

After the Bear and the Piano the Orchestra started playing the Snowman Waltz and the lights came up. Who should then appear but a life size character of the Snowman. He came to the front to wave at everyone and even managed a floss. After that, he went down the main aisle. It was lovely to see all of the children’s faces light up, my son’s especially.

The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley

My son was so captivated by it all and sat intently listening to the Orchestra performing. Either that or he was jigging in his seat along with the music.

The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley


The Snowman live Orchestral performance

Finally came the most anticipated part of the show. It was time for the Orchestra to play live the music to the Snowman along with the animation that is shown every Christmas on TV. It was wonderful to watch the Orchestra along with the animation. A young local boy also came on stage to sing ‘Walking in the air’. He did a fabulous job. It did not disappoint and we loved to watch and listen as our ears were filled with all the wonderful sounds from the instruments. We felt incredibly festive.

The Snowman was the last piece to be performed

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets for the purpose of my review. All words, opinions and photos are entirely my own.

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The Snowman Christmas Tour | A Live Orchestra Review | Beverley