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Sitting on the Devon side of the Jurassic coast is the tourist town of Seaton. If you’ve never been here before it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for a chilled-out time. There’s not masses to do here but enough to fill a family day out.

When we came here we headed to one of the only cafes open for a traditional breakfast (granted it was Easter Sunday but there were quite a few people around enjoying the sunshine but many of the shops and eating places were closed).

Trotters is a family-run cafe, very close to the seafront which is open every day. It is very small inside and has the obligatory Only Fools & Horses memorabilia on the walls. Although the interior needs modernising and updating, what it lacks in decor it gains in value for money and surprisingly has 4 star rating on TripAdvisor. We left feeling full and ambled down to the beachfront.

Guest Post – Author: Helen B

Visiting Seaton on Dorset's Jurassic Coast
2 - Pebble ridge at Seaton
3 - Dodging the waves, child playing in waves

Seaton has a very pebbly beach, similar to Brighton but has a beautiful bay with white cliffs on the western end. It seems to be a popular spot for sea fishing and kayaking.

We ambled all the way to the harbour which was definitely the picturesque end of the town. After walking back, and enjoying an ice-cream on the way back, we headed through the town to the visitor centre.

4 - Seaton Harbour
Visiting Seaton on Dorset's Jurassic Coast

Seaton Jurassic Visitor Centre

Seaton Jurassic visitor centre is fairly centrally located. Next door is the construction of a new modern tramway terminus building which will bring visitors into the town via tram.

14 Seaton Tramway

I spied the visitor centre from the car park we parked in across the road but made a mental note to visit before we left.

13 - Seaton Jurassic Museum & Visitor Centre

Depending upon the season, there is enough to do here to spend a few hours. There were special events here due to the Easter break and a timetable of events for children. Outside the building, there was a large crowd and a dinosaur wandering around!

We discovered he was a 2-metre-tall T-Rex called Ronnie who was happy to be petted by the children. Later we met Spike, the Spinosaurus.

12 - Spike the Spinosaurus

The visitor centre is home to a museum full of interactive activities based on dinosaurs and fossils, including sailing in a steampunk-style ship. We didn’t have time to visit the museum but you can buy tickets in advance on their website. There is a charge to visit.

Also inside the centre is a roomy cafe, toilets and some of the activity tables. For a small charge, children could also take part in a Dino Workshop, learn about fossils, make dinosaur body bits, take part in an Easter dino egg hunt or make fizzy dippy eggs. Activities are subject to change depending on the season. Check for tickets and details of what’s on when you visit.

If you have enough time, be sure to visit a free attraction in the Cliff Field Gardens overlooking the beach on the west side of the town to follow the Geological Timeline. A series of 21 plaques depict the formation of the Earth and the evolution of life from the first organisms, through to dinosaurs and finally human beings. Follow the labyrinth on the grass or simply relax and enjoy the view of the sea.

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This is part three of a three-part feature on Fossil hunting/dinosaurs on the Jurassic Coast. For more places to visit to find fossils please check out part 1 and part 2 as well – Kimmeridge Bay Dorset Fossil Hunting – Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and Charmouth Fossil Hunting | UK Fossil Collecting in Dorset.

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