Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries Museum

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The Royal Armouries in Leeds is a huge and impressive museum located on the waterfront in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It houses the UK’s national collection of arms and armour. It is one of the oldest and largest collections of arms and armour in the world.

What can you do at the Royal Armouries Museum?

At the museum you can explore five floors housing over 4,500 objects from the 15th century to the modern day. Galleries include the hunting gallery with one of the largest rifles ever made and a Norwegian whaling gun. In the Oriental gallery, there are some impressive weapons from China and some equally impressive armour including the most complete surviving elephant armour.

The self-defence gallery explores the history of personal protection from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. Make: Believe is a brand-new display of arms, armour and ephemera from cult and classic TV and movies. Including items from Star Wars, Aliens, The Lord of the Rings and more. There is a new Tournament Gallery and War Gallery. Plus a peace gallery. The Hall of Steel is the most impressive gallery in the museum . It is the largest mass display of arms and armour created since the 19th century and is a wonder to look at.

Outdoors in the Tiltyard visitors can experience live displays of military and sporting skill-at-arms including jousting, archery, falconry and horse shows. There is also a crossbow range and an Escape room. All three hope to reopen soon. The museum also holds a number of special events, plus daily displays.

Important Information Royal Armouries Museum

Is there food and drink available?

There is a cafe serving hot and cold food and drinks. There is a picnic area on the fourth floor.

What are the main things to do?

One of the largest museums in the world for arms and armour with numerous galleries, displays, annual events, and a huge mass display of weapons and armour. There are toilets and a cafe.

What are the ticket prices?

Free. The museum is free to visit. Prebook online.

Is there parking?

There is parking nearby and charges apply.

When are they open?

The Royal Armouries is open every day during school holidays and from Wednesday to Sunday during term time. For up-to-date opening times please visit their website.

Dog friendly?

Only registered assistance dogs are permitted.

Are they accessible?

Information on accessibility

Royal Armouries
Royal Armouries
Royal Armouries
Royal Armouries
Royal Armouries
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