Scalextric Racing Spalding

Scalextric Racing Spalding

Do you love racing Scaletrix but don’t have room for it at home? There is a family-friendly venue in Spalding, Lincolnshire where you can do just that.

Now is your chance to race around world-famous tracks such as Donington Park, Silverstone, Cadwell Park and more without the risk of injury. In 6000 square feet of floor space, they have a range of racing tracks.

They have 8 oversized slot car tracks that you can race on. Your first race also comes with instructions and how-to’s followed by a brief explanation of the track. Then you are all set to race. You can even keep track of how many laps you manage for each race and at the end, you can add them up and see who did the most laps overall. There is a maximum of 4 people at each table. You are allowed to bring your own cars to race but not all cars may work on their tracks.

Further Information Scalextric Racing Spalding

Is there food and drink available?

There is a cafe on-site.

What are the main things to do?

Slot car racing on 8 tracks for up to 4 racers per track (larger groups will be split into smaller groups to fit). Toilet and cafe facilities are available, with disabled access throughout the building.

What are the ticket prices?

For £10 each you can race on all 8 tracks with 8 minutes each track.
Prices are subject to change and/or discounts online.

Is there parking?

There is free on-site parking.

When are they open?

They are open 7 days a week. For up-to-date opening times please visit their website.

Are they accessible?

Wheelchairs are accessible throughout, with the tables built purposely to be the ideal height for wheelchair users, although you will still need assistance to reach the cars if needed.

Scalextric Racing Spalding

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