Aston Springs Farm Animal Experiences

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Aston Springs Farm is a farm park near Sheffield in South Yorkshire. It is just over the road from the new Gulliver’s Valley and a few minutes drive away from the large country park of Rother Valley.

Aston Springs also has an indoor play area. We visited just to take part in two of their four animal experiences which lasted for two hours.

The farm park opened in 2013 and it is a lovely place to enjoy a walk along their farm trail. There are plenty of friendly animals waiting to be fed and a couple of cute play areas along the way. There are some pretty steep paths that aren’t suitable for wheelchairs but I’m sure you could push a buggy up and down them.

Animal Experiences at Aston Springs Farm

Their animal experiences are great value for money plus they aren’t just for older kids as younger kids can also take part. I booked the Alpaca walking and VIP tour experiences to celebrate my Mum’s birthday.

I paid just £55 for the 3 of us to walk an alpaca each plus £60 for the three of us on the VIP tour which I feel is really good value for money. This also includes your farm admission so you can look around the farm at your leisure before or after your experience. Please note that these prices may have increased.

Alpaca Walking

First, we took part in the Alpaca Walking Experience. This was now our third time walking alpacas and I love how each time has been totally different. This is mostly because alpacas all have such different personalities. This was the first time my seven-year-old was allowed to walk his own alpaca and he loved the experience.

He started off a little unsure but he was soon dragging his alpaca around. I say dragging as he ended up with the one who really didn’t want to take part. Our alpacas were virtually dragging us around but it was totally the opposite for him which provided much hilarity.

Aston Springs Farm Animal Experiences
Aston Springs Farm Animal Experiences

The price is £55 per group of up to 3 people including children 2 and over, then £5 per extra person with a maximum group size of 6 for an approx 45-minute walk. We had a few stops for photos and to feed the alpacas which was lovely as it didn’t feel at all rushed.

In the past, we’ve only been given a small window of opportunity for photos but there was plenty of time for that. I’m unsure as to what age children can walk alpacas independently but they can certainly help from a very young age and as mentioned above this was the first time my seven-year-old has been able to walk his own.

VIP Tour

After a brief rest, we then took part in the VIP tour. This is a tour of the farm for up to 6 people for £60 per group. Our tour lasted for around an hour and we had the chance to cuddle and feed many of their animals. It’s a great experience for animal lovers. From what I understand not all experiences are the same but you can certainly rely on there being lots of interaction with their animals.

We started in their small animal barn where we held a rabbit and then a guinea pig each. We helped feed the meerkats and my son held a bearded dragon and a tortoise. He even got to help spray the Iguana to help it shed its skin.

Aston Springs Farm Animal Experiences
Aston Springs Farm Animal Experiences
Aston Springs Farm

Next, we moved into another animal barn where we fed the alpacas again (they get fed on each VIP tour so we didn’t want them to feel left out). A major highlight for my son was that we then got to bottle feed their lambs.

He has done this before but it was a lovely experience being in the same enclosure and having them coming up and checking us out. This is a seasonal activity. We then moved on to feed some goats and their kid goat who was really cheeky.

Aston Springs Farm
Aston Springs Farm

The lady showing us around was really informative and it was all a great learning experience for my son. Once we had finished in the barns we headed back to the outdoor paddocks.

Here we fed some sheep, said hello to their pigs and then went into the chicken enclosure where my son helped collect their eggs. He even got to hold a chicken and he was given the eggs to take home with us. Yum!.

We then went into our final enclosure with a female turkey, guinea fowl and peacocks. Here we met the friendliest turkey ever. She sat herself down for stroking which was just so cute. After this, we fed a few more of their goats and then it was time to leave. All in all, it was lovely being so up close and personal with their animals. It was certainly a day out to remember.

Aston Springs Farm
Aston Springs Farm

Other Animal Experiences

Aston Springs farm also offers a Small Animal Handling Experience. For £25 per group of up to 10 people (plus entry) You will have the small animal barn all to yourself and you’ll get to hold the rabbits and reptiles and feed their meerkats.

They also have a Chicken Experience for £25 per group of up to 10 (plus entry).  A member of staff will take you into their enclosure and help you catch, cuddle, stroke, and feed the chickens then collect their eggs and get to take ½ dozen home with you. Plus you can take their ferret for a walk.

There is also ferret walking for £30 a group for up to 10 people and some other farm experiences. As mentioned above the farm has a couple of outdoor play areas. Photos below.
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Important Information about Aston Springs Farm

Address: Aston, Sheffield S26 2HB, South Yorkshire

Car parking at Aston Springs Farm – Free on-site parking

Aston Spring Farm Prices – General farm admission is £7.00 per person. Animal experiences are priced individually, please see above

Can you purchase an annual pass for Aston Springs? – There is no reference to an annual pass.

Facilities at Aston Springs Farm: Farm park with 2 small outdoor play areas, animals you can feed on a nature trail, indoor soft play. There is a cafe and toilets.

Opening Times: For up-to-date opening times and dates please visit their website

Accessibility Statement – Please contact the venue

Is Aston Springs Farm Dog Friendly: Dogs are not permitted in the farm park.

Are there places to picnic: Yes there are a few picnic tables

Category: Farm Park – Indoors and Outdoors – suitable for all ages

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