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For the remaining 5 nights of our holiday to Gran Canaria, we stayed at the large resort the Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel. When I say large I mean huge. This place was one of the biggest hotels we’ve ever stayed in. Reception alone was the size of most hotels. It was vast and really lovely to look at.

There was a big coloured glass dome roof that shone light of many colours down upon us. There was a bridge where you could look down at caves, waterfalls, plants, a dining area and a stage. We chose to stay in a suite, half board. If you click on a link in this piece, we may earn affiliate revenue.

Hotel Cordial Mogan playa, Gran canaria review
Lobby of the Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel Gran Canaria

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel Review

The Cordial Mogan Playa hotel states that it is 7 minutes from the beach but that can depend on where your room is. Yes, we were 7 minutes from the beach but we were down at the very far end of the hotel. As it takes 10 minutes just to walk up to reception (with a 3-year-old in tow) it could take you more like 15 minutes to reach the beach from some parts of the hotel.

Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel is built in the style of a Canarian village and is near Puerto de Mogan. There are blocks of hotel rooms nearer reception and then blocks of suites down the far end. The whole place is set amongst tropical vegetation and I think between Jamie and I we took over 60 photos of the hotel area.

IMG 5002

There are two large pools. Both pools are the same and have a decorative bridge over the middle. The water was much warmer than where we had stayed previously. They both also had hot tubs which were always empty whenever we went in them. The pool down near the suites is the one with the children’s pool. This is also where you can find a small children’s playground.

IMG 5034
IMG 5032
IMG 5044

There’s an abundance of activities on site. As well as the pools and hot tubs there’s tennis, daily activities such as water aerobics and petanque, there’s a games room, a kids club, giant chess, a spa, there’s even a historical walk on the grounds to see ancient ruins that then takes you up to a bar, there are many cats to stroke, WIFI to all the rooms and suites, a-la-carte restaurant, buffet cuisine and more. There’s even a church!

IMG 5113
IMG 5121
The church in the Cordial Mogan Playa Hotel, Gran Canaria
IMG 5112 e1487488291111

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I have to also admit that we changed rooms. We hated the view from our first suite as it was over someone’s backyard with some very yappy dogs. It was also very hot and the air-con, on their winter setting, wasn’t coping. They were very accommodating and we were given a new suite right away.

We had a much nicer view of the church and it was a lot cooler so we were happy. Sadly we could still hear the yappy dogs, they just weren’t as bad from here and didn’t bother us too much.

The suites have a balcony with 2 loungers and a table with 2 chairs. There’s a small lounge area with a sofa bed that was made up every night, satellite TV (it actually had English channels..BBC1 and Channel 4 to name two), a bedroom with two twin beds and a bathroom with a separate shower.

IMG 5243
IMG 5244
IMG 5245

An advantage of being in a suite is that you have breakfast separately from the rest of the hotel. It was in a lovely blue building with 2 terraces and the most amazing range of breakfast food we’ve ever seen. As well as the usual there were homemade pancakes, cava and caviar, smoked salmon, proper jam in big jars and dishes, smoothies, a great selection of hot and cold food etc.

We were very impressed and loved having breakfast here. You can also eat here at lunchtime which we also found to be good and fairly priced. But we took it one day as part of our half-board package as you can swap when you eat around here.

IMG 5045

Every night when we were there they had a kids disco at 8 pm. We didn’t go on the first night but we went every night thereafter. Jamie just adored dancing, he didn’t join in with the disco much mind you. Most of his dancing was done before and after with hardly anyone around. The kid has some moves. There is also a show every night around 9-9:30 pm. We stayed up one night to watch The Lion King and for hotel entertainment, it was actually very good.

IMG 5147
IMG 5148

Whenever we ate there Jamie insisted that we walk back through the caves and waterfalls near the restaurant. The half board option allows you to have dinner in their buffet restaurant. The food was very good and the choice was overwhelming. I was actually disappointed, but only because I could never have managed to try a bit of everything.

IMG 5073

From our suite, it took about 7 minutes to walk to Puerto de Mogan beach and about 10 minutes to the extremely picturesque harbour.

Puerto De Mogan harbour and beach

Like Puerto Rico, where we also stayed, Puerto De Mogan is on the south of the island of Gran Canaria. So it also benefits from gorgeous year-round temperatures, even in winter! The main reason we stayed in this area was our guidebook. It sounded lovely and it didn’t disappoint. 

Alongside the beach, there is a long promenade with a good variety of restaurants. The beach itself is really good quality sand and there are plenty of water sports and sun loungers to hire. We even found Stonehenge!!!

IMG 5054 e1487540360489
IMG 5012

We visited the children’s playground a few times while we were there as Jamie loved it and there was usually a busker or two making giant bubbles for the kids to pop. What fun!

IMG 5030
IMG 5071

Just past the beach is the gorgeous harbour. It was really lovely. There were some very expensive boats there and the alleyways with flowers growing all over gave it a very Italian feel. There is an actual submarine adventure that you can go on from the harbour and a glass-bottom boat ferry.

There wasn’t as much boat-wise for tourists as in Puerto Rico though. There are even more cafes and restaurants in the harbour area. You are certainly not lacking in places to eat. If you manage to visit Gran Canaria I highly recommend a visit to Puerto de Mogan.

IMG 5022
IMG 5248
IMG 5290

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