Best Things To Do In Bournemouth With Kids

Oh my goodness it’s been years since I’ve been to Bournemouth. My Dad’s sister and my cousins live down there and we really don’t see them enough. My brother and I used to go with my grandparents to see them all when we were little. I have lots of fond memories of Bournemouth. Why they had to replace the quaint shell house with a block of flats I’ll never know! *shakes fist*

Bournemouth is on the south coast of England in Dorset. It is relatively easy to reach with a good system of motorways and dual carriageways for most of our journey down.

Other days out close to Bournemouth include Beaulieu, Paulton’s Park with Peppa Pig World, GoApe Moors Valley, Corfe Castle and Farmer Palmers. Bournemouth is a great place to visit with kids.

#1 – Visit Bournemouth Beach

We have our first freebie activity. The beaches down this part of the world have won awards for their cleanliness and this includes the beach at Bournemouth. Miles of golden sand welcome you and the sea was always near. (I say this because the sea is often really far out in Lincolnshire).

We visited over Easter and we were lucky to see lots of the sun while we were there. There was a cold wind around but it didn’t put off all the holidaymakers. Even in non-swimwear weather, the beach was popular. I say non-swimwear we did spot some mad people wearing them and going in the sea.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
Bournemouth beach and pier
Bournemouth Beach Lifeguards, Top Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
Bournemouth beach Lifeguards

I loved the lifeguard beach huts, they were like something out of Baywatch, do I sound too Northern now? They can also provide good shelter from the wind.

We were so busy while we were there we almost didn’t fit in some time on the beach. But it was promised and a promise is a promise. The sand is fine and not too sticky. However, it did actually make some relatively good sandcastles without digging down too far. Jamie loved his time on the beach. Mummy could take or leave the sand.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth

We were staying at the Highcliff Marriott right by the West Cliff lift so that is where we sat on the beach. It provided a lovely view with the lifts behind and the pier off to our left. They also had bouncy castles on the beach for the kids on either side of the pier.

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#2 – Walk in the Pavilion Gardens

Another free and lovely thing to do in Bournemouth is to walk in the pavilion gardens. The gardens start virtually opposite the pier and can be accessed under the flyover without having to go near any traffic. I honestly felt like I was truly on holiday walking from the pier to here. The gardens are really beautiful. There’s a little stream running through, mini-golf for all and a cute little pavilion.

We walked all the way from the area next to the pier right up to the shops via the pavilion gardens. It was nice to be able to walk in relative safety. I say relative there were two teenagers on bikes on the path where you aren’t allowed to cycle (a pet hate of mine!).

#3 Have a Ride up the West Cliff Lift

OK, this isn’t free and it doesn’t take long to do. But it was a tick on our bucket list to go on a hill lift. It is cheap and loads of fun, especially for Jamie. He couldn’t wait to go on again and couldn’t understand why on the first time up he couldn’t go straight back down. The west cliff lift was great for us as we were staying at the top of the hill.

Oddly you can’t buy a return ticket but a single ticket for an adult is £2.00, a junior (under 16) £1.50 child under 5 is free plus saver tickets. If you want to get the lift November-Easter I’m afraid you’ll have to walk as it’s shut.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
West Cliff lift from Bournemouth beach up to the BIC, Marriott hotel etc.

There are lovely views as you are going up (or down). And to not always have to walk up the hill was worth the money to us. We didn’t mind a few walks up and down but sometimes we just couldn’t be bothered. Plus a lift is much more fun, right?

#4 Ride on one, or both, Land Trains

Our top tip, one we wish we’d known sooner, a return ticket on one land train entitles you to also ride on the other land train at no extra charge. We left it too late in the day to fit both in and I wish we could have because apparently, this was Jamie’s favourite thing to do.

One train goes from the right of the pier next to the Oceanarium and down to Alum Chine. The other train goes from the left of the pier and down to Boscombe Pier.

You can check the land train website for further information and confirm prices and running dates. 27th May – 30th September. Adult unlimited daily use is £7.50. Junior £4.80, under 5’s are free and other fares are available. Single ticket prices are also available. 

It was nice to have zip-up windows as having one down stopped the cold through draft you can get on land trains. Jamie had so much fun waving at everyone and nearly everyone waved back. He was in his element.

View from the Big Wheel, Bournemouth Land Train next to the Oceanarium
View of the Land Train by the Oceanarium, from the Big Wheel

#5 Visit Bournemouth Pier

I love Piers. We don’t have long piers in Lincolnshire so going for a walk down Bournemouth pier was a must. Plus we had a little time to kill before the land train set off.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
Bournemouth Pier

We paid £1.50 for an adult and those under 5 are free. A junior ticket is priced at £1.20. You can fish off the pier and fishing permits can be bought from the Bournemouth Tourism Information Centre (Located in the middle of Pier Approach)

The first pier built in the 1850s was destroyed by a storm. The iron pier you see today was opened in 1880 and is 775 feet long. Today it has the world’s first zip wire off a pier. It is a dual line so you can race a friend. We had great fun watching people launch themselves off the launch tower. There is an indoor activity centre called Rock Reef. With a variety of activities such as a cave, climbing wall, Highline and more.

There is a restaurant towards the end of the pier and a few outdoor rides for younger kids which Jamie took great delight in trying. If you want to just sit and chill and take in the view there are deck chairs either side of the pier.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
Deckchairs on Bournemouth Pier
One of the rides at the bottom of Bournemouth Pier

I have since read that there are pier excursions still via a paddle steamer and a motorised boat. We didn’t see either. I would have loved to have gone on the paddle steamer.

My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
View from either side of Bournemouth Pier

#6 Go on a ride at Bournemouth Funfair

This was a good way for us to lose money fast with a ride mad Jamie. But he’d done so much he wasn’t too bothered about going on everything. It’s such a lovely nostalgic fair. The funfair rides change but there was a really good selection while we were there over Easter. The funfair is not by the seafront all year round.

Funfair rides at Bournemouth Beach
My Top 10 List Of Family Friendly Things To Do In Bournemouth
View of the Funfair rides from the Big wheel

There were funfair stalls, plus a really gorgeous Helter Skelter. There was a Merry-go-round and wooden swings. Away from this, there were modern rides such as a rather large and fun big wheel. There was also a red arrows simulator. I don’t know how long either plan to be around for.

Jamie only had eyes for the helter-skelter. After two bad experiences for me (one involving bird poo and the other burning rubber on my shoes) Jamie had to go it alone. Well, I had to carry his mat up and someone helped him on at the top. The price was a little sleep at £2 a ride. I’d have expected £2 for 3 goes. Jamie didn’t seem to mind of course! There is also an area here with water fountains for the kids to run through. Oh, how Jamie wished it was warm enough.

Water fountains Bournemouth beach

#7 Ride on the Big Wheel

I didn’t even know this was here and I am unsure how long it is there to stay but catch it while you can as we loved it. What a surprise it was to see the wheel as we were walking down the west cliff hill to the beach. Jamie was so desperate to go on it so we promised we’d take him the next day when we had more time.

For £8 for an adult and £6 for a child, you can have a few turns on the big wheel. It was really good fun and the views were great. Jamie loved it. His smile was a picture. Again the wheel is not in Bournemouth all year round.

The Big Wheel, Bournemouth Beach
The Big Wheel, Bournemouth Beach
The Big Wheel, Bournemouth Beach
Big Wheel, Bournemouth Beach

#8 Visit Bournemouth’s Oceanarium

I have written a review for our visit here to Bournemouth’s aquarium the Oceanarium which is located right next to the beach and pier.

Oceanarium, Bournemouth Beach
Oceanarium, Bournemouth Beach

Penguins, Oceanarium Bournemouth Beach

We really enjoyed our visit. There are tropical fish, penguins, sharks, otters, 150 species of fish, crocodiles, turtles and more. Children under 3 are free to enter. Prices online are cheaper than on the day. You can also save more money if you book in advance. We bought a family ticket for 2 adults and 1 child for £24.95 and a senior ticket for £10.25.

#9 Hire a beach hut on the seafront

Along the 7 miles of beaches around Bournemouth, there are over 250 beach huts that are available for hire. They are available daily, weekly or for a period of time.

All Bournemouth beach huts come equipped with four deck chairs, a gas ring and curtains. Access ramps are available from beach offices for wheelchair users. Online booking is not currently available but they provide a number in the link for you to ring to book.

Bournemouth beach huts available for hire

#10 Day trip to Adventure Wonderland, near Bournemouth airport

Right by Bournemouth airport, you will find Adventure Wonderland. It was just a short drive (approx. 15 mins) from the centre of Bournemouth.

The park is themed around Alice in Wonderland. They have yearly events and there are loads of rides for the little ones. Adults can ride on some of the rides too. There’s a large outdoor playground, a huge indoor soft play, a café and a very large maze. Please see their website for up-to-date prices.

Two of the rides at Adventure Wonderland

Here are some more photos from our holiday to Bournemouth

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  1. Aww seeing your seaside photos makes me want to book a holiday right now! We live in the midlands, so going to the beach is such a novelty 🙂

  2. I don’t think I have ever been to Bournemouth! It looks great, plenty to do and see there with little ones. Looks you had lovely weather when you went, always a bonus for a break by the beach 🙂

  3. Ah my home town, next time you are here I will have to show you around – so much more to do with the kids. The wheel is here until September 🙂

  4. I have never been to Bournemouth, but then it is a mere 450 miles away, which may have something to do with it. That said, it looks wonderful. Lots to see and do. I love all the traditional things you can do. Maybe one day I’ll get a look see myself.

  5. I do love it there I took my hubby and daughter years ago and we had a lovely time. I am sure my other children would love to go too. There is so much to do and some great restaurants.

  6. I’ve only been to Bournemouth once before but had a great time. Thanks for the list, will visit those places with my family! 🙂

  7. That was a long trip for you but looks like it was worth it. I’ve never been but want to go. It looks lovely. I love Dorset so I can imagine I’d like Bournemouth x

  8. I have never been to Bournemouth, but the things that you have listed are very similar to what we have in Great Yarmouth, however we never seem to do any of it, when you live so close to things, you tend to forget about them, but travel 5 or 6 hours away to do exactly the same kinds of things!!

  9. I live in Bournemouth, it’s a fantastic place to be. The oceanarium and adventure wonderland are both on tesco clubcard days out so you can exchange clubcard vouchers for entry. Check on the clubcard website in advance as you have to order the vouchers which come in the post. The vouchers make both of these great value. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

  10. I got seconded from Liverpool to work in Bournemouth for six months in 2010-2011 and fell in love with the place! I now regard it as my second home and love going back there for holidays whenever I can! I’m going back again this year and can’t wait! I much prefer going there to going on holidays abroad! If you haven’t been there you don’t know what you are missing!!!!

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