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As our son is getting older I am increasingly thinking about where to go on holiday that will provide us with some great family adventures. There’s so much more to a family holiday than sitting on a beach. Kids love to be active so why not embrace this and find them things to do that you can all enjoy together?

Below I will consider my top 10 bucket list countries around the world to go on holiday to experience some great family adventures. Some activities are more extreme than others. Please consider your child’s age and abilities when booking certain activities. If you click on a link in this piece, we may earn affiliate revenue.

1 – Spain

Spain is so accessible with plenty of budget airlines to choose from to get you there. It has a diverse range of scenery from mountains in the north to glorious sandy beaches on the west and south coast. Some of the fun things you can experience on a family adventure holiday to Spain are:

Horse Riding in some stunning scenery
Whitewater rafting on an exhilarating adventure
Hiking through a national park with beautiful peaks and lakes
Canyoning, head downstream via a series of slides, jumps, abseils and swims 
Mountain biking on cross-country routes

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2 – France

Equally as accessible as Spain is France. In fact more so with the Channel Tunnel and ferry ports linking France to the UK, it’s certainly a great country to visit. The scenery is equally as diverse. Some of the top family activities in France are:

 Whitewater rafting through canyons
Aquatic hiking including canyoning
Rock climbing with full instruction including an intro to rope techniques and climbing skills
Canyon hiking
Mountain biking off the beaten track

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3 – England

The Lake District up in Cumbria is a perfect place in the UK for family adventures. Not only does it have a stunning backdrop of rugged hills and mountains but there are also plenty of lakes for water-based activities. The Lake District can offer families many activities such as:

Ghyll scrambling (descending through a gorge)
Slate mine exploration
Mountain walking
Canoeing and dinghy sailing
Abseiling down rock faces

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4 – Croatia

Croatia is most famous for its long and picturesque coastline with many islands waiting to be explored by boat or foot. Inland the scenery is equally stunning and diverse with many medieval and Roman towns. Some of the activities on offer are as follows:

Kayaking, take a gentle paddle up to a town for a spot of lunch and then back again
Canyon Hiking, hike along steep-sided and towering rocky walls
Canoeing with some gentle rapids alongside waterfalls and canyons
River rafting along some beautiful scenery
Sea Kayaking to secret coves and secluded beaches
– Go on a treasure hunt on an island with loot to find at the end

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5 – Madeira

Madeira benefits from a subtropical climate and is just off the northwest coast of Africa. The scenery is stunning with mountains and cliffs mostly formed by the island’s volcano. There is a wide variety of activities found on the island. Our list of top things to do would be:

Walk alongside a picturesque levada which is a mini canal.
Jeep expeditions through the mountainous terrain
Sea Kayaking across the beautiful blue sea
Snorkelling, hopefully with dolphins
Boat rides out to sea to see dolphins and whales
Swim in lava pools
– Go on a biking tour and enjoy the stunning flora

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6 – Morocco

Morocco is a great, close-to-home, destination with plenty of sunshine and most certainly plenty of sand. There’s plenty to explore from ancient cities to the countryside and golden beaches. It is also a lot safer than other North African countries. With so much sand there are plenty of sandy activities and much more:

Camel trek across beach or desert
Souks, experience gastronomic delights and watch them being prepared and cooked
– Go Quad biking on sand dunes
Visit a Berber Village on foot or by donkey for an authentic experience
Explore the Atlas Mountains, through small villages and mountain tracks

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7 – South Africa

South Africa is a perfect destination for seeing the “Big 5” when it comes to animals. Plus there are stunning beaches teaming with marine life such as Cape Fur Seals. Cape Town itself is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. The diverse landscape and beaches provide families with plenty of choices for activities:

– Go on an urban treasure hunt on bikes around Cape Town
– Take a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain and go on a hike that suits your family’s walking abilities
Visit a Zulu Village and experience traditional African hospitality
– Go on an animal safari, including game drives and jeep safaris

Visit hidden coves to find the thriving penguin colonies
– Go snorkelling in the Indian Ocean
– Embark on a river safari to find Hippos, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds

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8 – Galapagos

I have written about the Galapagos as a family-friendly destination before. The islands of the Galapagos are perfect for exploring as a family and finding fun and varied activities. The islands are mostly volcanic and provide some stunning scenery. There is nowhere quite like it on earth for wildlife:

Sea kayaking across bays and coves full of wildlife such as sea lions, herons and blue-footed boobies
Horse riding up the slopes of a volcano
Whitewater rafting in the Amazon basin

– Go mountain biking to the Wall of Tears, this was a penal colony where the prisoners were forced to build a pretty pointless wall
– Go hiking to an active volcano

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9 – Norway

Norway is the perfect family-friendly destination for a holiday packed full of snow activities. The country is full of picturesque mountains alongside Fjords. Some parts of Norway are a haven for wildlife and if you are lucky you may be able to see the Northern Lights:

Meet some huskies and go dog sledging
– Go on a Wildlife Boat Trip.
Although not guaranteed you may be able to spot Orca, Humpback and Whales. 
– Visit an Aurora camp to hopefully witness the Northern Lights
– Go on a Reindeer sleigh ride

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10 – Sweden

Last but not least is Sweden. Equally as snowy as Norway, Sweden has so much to offer in the way of family activities. It’s certainly somewhere you don’t want to forget your warm clothes when visiting. There are plenty of winter activities to try:

– Have dinner on Ice in a traditional style tent on the frozen sea
Strap on snowshoes and go on an adventure trail, possibly to see the Northern Lights
– Go Husky Sledging
– Go on a snowmobile tour
– Experience Ice Fishing, including drilling through the ice
– Go on a Hovercraft tour of the sea ice

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Activities Abroad. All words are my own. Photos are courtesy of Pixabay.

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