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I did quite a lot of research before our holiday to Florida on the best restaurants to eat at. One that kept coming up as a good one was Yak and Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I managed to get us a reservation at a very reasonable time of 12:30 pm. Find out what we thought of the food and the restaurant in my review below.

Yak and Yeti is a sit-down, quick-service, table restaurant. It is described as being at the base of Expedition Everest. This wasn’t what I thought it meant. It wasn’t at the base of the ride (as I assumed it would be). It was actually located on the outer left edge of the Expedition Everest area. We almost walked right by it!

It was a very hot day and although we had a reservation we had to wait a long time to be seated. The waiting area is very small, with no air conditioning and it was very cramped. Not the best place to wait around in the heat.

Yak and Yeti serve Pan Asian food which is something which we all love. The restaurant itself is based on a village house and has been decorated as such. It is described by Disney as unique / themed dining. Which I guess it is.

Some dining plans are accepted. Please ask your server what you can choose from the menu. Our son was handed another fun activity sheet. All the restaurants that we ate at in Disney had their own activity sheet plus crayons for the kids.

Yak and Yeti Review | Disney Animal Kingdom Restaurant
Busy with his activity sheet – hat still on

The restaurant was air-conditioned however it wasn’t as cool as some of the others that we had visited during our stay. There was plenty of choice on the menu.

Small Plates, Shareables and salads

They had a selection of four small plates priced at around $13 plus shareable for two priced at around $20.00 a dish such as tuna nachos, fried chicken and lettuce cups. You could also choose from a soup or salad. The salads were priced at around $23.00 each.

Noodles and Bowls

They had noodle dishes at approx. $23 and a Malaysian seafood curry at $35.99. These all sounded very healthy!

Specialities and Dishes of the Day

They had 5 speciality dishes priced from $27 – $38 such as coconut shrimp and chicken tikka masala. They brought us a menu without prices which were the dishes of the day. Mark had fish tacos from this list. It was priced at $28.99, he wasn’t too keen on one of the taco layers. (There was a green taco over the white one). However, the fish inside was apparently delicious and he was overwhelmed by the portion size. There was even sticky rice and vegetables. The fish was coasted in breadcrumbs.

Yak and Yeti Review | Disney Animal Kingdom Restaurant
Fish Tacos


They had a choice of three wok dishes. Crispy honey chicken, Korean beef and sweet and sour chicken. These were priced at around $23. I chose the crispy honey chicken. It was absolutely delicious and one of my favourite dishes of the holiday. My son loved it as well and kept asking me for more. I especially loved the sugar snap peas and the jasmine rice.

Yak and Yeti Review | Disney Animal Kingdom Restaurant
Crispy honey chicken


This was the biggest menu we saw all holiday to Disney World. It was never-ending. They also had some grilled dishes. There was ribs, burger, chicken and fish ranging from $24-30.00.

And finally, you also had the option to choose from 6 different sides. But honestly, we struggled with our portions and we would have never managed a side as well.


There was a choice of 6 desserts for around $13.50.00 each. They had cheesecake, cake, pie, sorbet etc.

Kids Menu

They had no appetizers (starters) on this menu for kids. Nor did they have the more expensive and healthier options that some of the other restaurants had. I think that was because it’s a quick-service restaurant. Although it felt no quicker to us (that wasn’t an issue)!

All the kids’ meals included milk or apple juice. There was a choice of 7 dishes all priced at $10.99 each. I’m not sure what happened to our son but he ate a lot of chicken this holiday (not like him at all). He opted for the crispy chicken with a choice of two sides. He chose rice and grapes. The chicken was the same as mine but without the honey sauce. He would have loved the honey sauce on his own dish.

Yak and Yeti Review | Disney Animal Kingdom Restaurant

They had a choice of two desserts for $5 each.

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