Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle on Anglesey, North, Wales, is named the Greatest Castle that was never built. It was actually built and there is a lot still standing today. It was just never finished. It was the last of the royal strongholds created by Edward I in Wales. This was to be their crowning glory, the castle to end all castles.

What is there to do at Beaumaris Castle?

They built a large symmetrical castle with a moat with access to the sea. They even included 300 arrow loopholes. A lot of the walls never reached their full height but they are there and even now they are still relatively high.

You enter the castle via a bridge across the moat and through the main gate. There are so few castles still with water in their moat, it is lovely to see and very picturesque. You can walk around half of the outer wall. There are some lovely views looking down to the moat and across to the countryside.

You can also explore the interior walls and buildings where there is a small room showing a film on a loop about the castle. If you head to the far end and go up the right-hand steps you can explore the interior rooms and corridors. There’s even a small chapel with stained glass windows.

If you are feeling adventurous there’s another wall walk. This one is accessed via the top left corner in the picture below. It goes a lot higher than the outer walls. In the centre is an incomplete or possibly ruined building where you can look in some of the rooms (with no roof).

Important Information Beaumaris Castle

Is there food and drink available?

There is no cafe on-site but the castle is in the heart of the village with plenty of cafes and pubs.

What are the main things to do?

A picturesque castle still with water in its moat. You can walk the walls and explore a few remaining rooms and corridors. There are no toilets but there are some public toilets nearby.

What are the ticket prices?

Free for members of Cadw Wales or cheap. An adult ticket is £6.50, children aged 5-17 are £3.90. Other pricing options are available.
Prices are subject to change.

Is there parking?

There is parking nearby and charges apply.

When are they open?

Beaumaris is open for most of the year. For up-to-date opening times and dates please follow this link.

Dog friendly?

Dogs are welcome on a lead on the ground floor level.

Are they accessible?

There are 2 dedicated disabled parking spaces on the roadside adjacent to the visitor centre. Access is level from the visitor centre into the site via a pathway and a small bridge. The majority of grounds are on level grassed lawns.

Beaumaris Castle Review, Anglesey
Beaumaris Castle Review, Anglesey
Beaumaris Castle Review, Anglesey
Beaumaris Castle, Cadw Wales
Beaumaris Castle, Cadw Wales
Beaumaris Castle, Cadw Wales

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